Three charged with attempted first-degree murder after investigators view video found in cell phone

John Thompson • Jun 29, 2018 at 9:03 PM

ELIZABETHTON — Investigators from the Carter County Sheriff's Department and the Elizabethton Police Department said a video found on a woman's cell phone corroborated two tips about an attempted murder.

As a result of the investigation, a woman and two men were arrested and some were arraigned in Sessions Court on Friday.

Kasey Della Miller, 31, 1832 Bristol Highway; Michael Todd Silcox, 41, 197 Carl Smith Road, Hampton; and Matthew Dye, address unavailable, were each charged with attempted first-degree murder.

An investigator with the Carter County Sheriff’s Department was contacted by an informant on Tuesday about narcotics being sold.

During the discussion, the investigator received a tip from informants about Miller beating a man with a bat and leaving the victim for dead.

The informant said Miller showed them the video in order to prove to them what she was capable of doing.

On Wednesday, the Carter County investigators and investigators with the Elizabethton Police Department went to Pine Ridge Circle to assist with an apartment inspection.

While at the apartment complex, an investigator said he was contacted by other informants, who said they had seen a video of Miller beating a man with a bat to the point where the man was just lying on the ground while he was beaten.

The informants said they recognized the background in the video as being an area around Slagle's Pasture and the Bristol Highway.

The informant said the video continued, with Miller asking another man in the video to step on the victim's arm. The man did as Miller asked and then stabbed the victim in the neck three times.

Later on Wednesday, Elizabethton investigators obtained consent from Miller to search her phone. The investigators found a video on the cell phone that matched the description given by the informants.

Investigators said the video starts out with Miller saying "I give you that dope and my dope." Investigators said it appeared Miller was accusing the man of cheating on her on a narcotics transaction.

An investigator said Miller could then be heard saying "I'm going to count to five and then we're done." The investigator said that when Miller reached five, she began to strike the victim with what is apparently a baseball bat. As the man is being struck, he kept saying "I didn't steal the dope."

The investigator said Miller beat the man to the ground, then forced him to lay flat on his back. He said she then said "bring me that knife." A man then enters the video frame with what appears to be a knife in his right hand.

The investigator said the man then stood over the victim, stands on his right arm, said "hey" and then jabbed him in the neck three times with what appeared to be a knife.

On Thursday afternoon, other investigators of the Carter County Sheriff's Department accompanied Elizabethton investigators to 1932 Bristol Highway to search Miller's vehicle.

Miller had consented to the search and her mother provided the keys to the vehicle.

Inside the vehicle, the investigators found an aluminum baseball bat, three knives and a utility knife with a used utility knife blade.

Dye and Silcox were arraigned in Sessions Court on Friday. Judge Keith Bowers Jr. revoked bond for Dye and scheduled his next court appearance for Tuesday. Attorney Jason Holley will be defending him.

Bowers revoked bond for Miller and set her arraignment for 8:30 a.m. Monday. Attorney Ryan Curtis will be defending her.

Bowers increased bond for Silcox to $250,000 and set his next court appearance for Tuesday. Attorney Patrick Denton will be defending him.

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