2 hurt in separate Carter County shootings

John Thompson • Updated Aug 21, 2017 at 10:55 PM

ELIZABETHTON — Two people were injured in Carter County over the weekend in unrelated shootings, according to the Carter County Sheriff's Department.

In the first incident, Elizabeth Ann Guy, 39, accidentally shot herself in the foot at her residence on the Gap Creek Highway on Saturday. In the second incident, Jordan D. Johnson, 28, Buck Mountain Road, Roan Mountain, shot Christopher Dylan McClellan, 22, in the leg during a confrontation on Johnson's property on Sunday.

Carter County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Michael Malone reported that he talked with Guy while she was being treated at Sycamore Shoals Hospital. He reported that she was target practicing with a black Savage .22-caliber rifle in her backyard. Guy said when she finished, she lowered the rifle while she still had her finger on the trigger. The trigger was pulled and Guy shot herself in the foot.

Guy's husband, Tony Guy, saw the accident and rushed her to the emergency room.

In the Buck Mountain shooting incident, Deputy Cody James spoke with Johnson. He said three men approached his door at 3:15 p.m. Sunday. Johnson identified the men as Wade Cordell and Dylan McClellan. He did not know the third.

Johnson said Cordell demanded that Johnson give him back a Kel-Tec 12-gauge shotgun that had been taken from his residence. He said Cordell made threats. Johnson said McClellan then got into an altercation and Cordell punched McClellan in the face.

Johnson said he then stepped on his front porch, pulled out a firearm and ordered the men to leave his property. Johnson said Cordell then pulled out a firearm. Johnson said he felt threatened, so he aimed his weapon at Cordell and shot toward his leg and midsection of his body.

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