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ELIZABETHTON — Ivy Hall Nursing Home announced Wednesday that previous tests that were positive for the novel coronavirus turned out to be false.

On Friday, the facility had three staff members and one resident test with a positive result from a lab using one of the CDC recommended type of tests. The resident was placed in strict isolation, the employees remained at home in quarantine and the facility reported the results to the health department.

“Upon further testing by the department of health and the state lab, the employee and resident test results were found negative for COVID-19 and the tests were ruled false positives, which means the employees and resident did not have COVID-19,” the company said in a news release. “Although it was unfortunate to get a false positive result, which can happen with COVID-19 tests, Ivy Hall Nursing Home’s staff and residents were relieved to learn they did not have the COVID-19 virus in the facility.

“The facility chose to know rather than ignore the possibility of someone carrying the virus in the facility. The facility remains committed to that approach.”

The company stated that the next round of proactive testing of staff and residents will be conducted by the facility and sent to the Tennessee Department of Health for the state lab to process the results.

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