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ATLANTA, Mar. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Atlanta-based incentive company Incentive Solutions released a new distributor loyalty program guide, How to Build a Loyalty Program for Distributors. The guide is available in PDF format, free to download from Incentive Solutions' resource library.

The How to Build a Loyalty Program for Distributors guide includes foundations for loyalty program set-up such as setting goals, choosing appropriate rewards, and budgeting effectively. These basics can help manufacturers or suppliers build a new distributor loyalty program from the ground up. The guide also suggests specific ways manufacturers can improve, enhance, and expand loyalty programs with strategic technology implementation, communication plans, and investment practices.

The guide's suggestions are supported by research, studies, and real-world examples from B2B companies. For example, the guide highlights an infrastructure equipment supplier who used their distributor loyalty program to run 11 sales promotions and earned an ROI of over 100% for seven of these. "With improved understanding of their target audience," the guide reports, "the supplier then went on to run ten sales promotions in the program's second year, with ROIs ranging from 196% to 500%."

Other features of the guide include:

  •     recent research on current B2B customer expectations
  •     case studies of effective distributor loyalty programs
  •     key performance indicators (KPIs) of loyalty program success
  •     methods of quantifying loyalty program return on investment (ROI)
  •     benchmark data on loyalty program lifecycles

With How to Build a Loyalty Program for Distributors and other free loyalty program resources, Incentive Solutions aims to share knowledge of technology, strategies, budgeting practices, and communication plans that help B2B companies execute strategic loyalty programs. With successful distributor loyalty plans, manufacturers and suppliers can outpace their competitors and grow sales.

About Incentive Solutions

Founded in Atlanta, GA in 1994, Incentive Solutions is on a mission: "To inspire growth – for our clients and our employees." A leader in the incentive technology development space, Incentive Solutions uses millions of exciting online rewards, incentive travel promotions, gift card incentives, and innovative platforms to help manufacturers and distributors increase sales, capture mindshare, build customer loyalty, and improve data collection throughout their channel. For more information, visit

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