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DURHAM, N.C., Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Immunolight, LLC, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical firm leading the way in advancing technologies to transform cancer treatment, announced today it has been granted its 200th worldwide and 75th US patent in a wide-ranging patent portfolio.  The Immunolight patent estate continues to expand, with patents covering both the medical and non-medical commercial end-uses of the breakthrough Immunolight energy conversion technology.  An additional 117 worldwide patent applications are pending. 

"Extensively patenting our innovative technology has been a high priority to ensure market exclusivity in key high value markets," says Immunolight founder and CEO Rick Bourke.

The current portfolio contains over 70 issued or allowed worldwide patents having claims specifically related to medical treatments.  A predominant focus of these medical patents is the new paradigm for the treatment of cancer and other cell proliferation disorders made possible by the unique Immunolight energy conversion technology.  Immunolight has recently received FDA clearance to enter phase 1 study in patients with breast, melanoma, sarcoma and head and neck cancers.

The non-medical commercial application cases have a broad scope of various technologies, with a predominant focus on the curing of adhesives and polymers using Immunolight's energy conversion technology, thus providing the ability to cure at room temperature without requiring line-of-sight between an activation energy source and the site being cured.  Also covered are many other commercial end-uses, including, but not limited to, solar cells, the generation or enhancement of color, and electronics/semiconductors.

"With many exciting discoveries on Immunolight's horizon, it is expected that the portfolio will continue to grow for years to come, ultimately providing a rich multi-layered territory of exclusive rights in both medical and commercial applications of the innovative Immunolight energy conversion technology," says Immunolight President Harold Walder.

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Founded in 2007, Immunolight, LLC's mission is to innovate advancements in energy conversion technologies that create value in medicine, commercial industries and the life sciences.  Immunolight has developed a breakthrough platform technology that leverages the latest advances in energy conversion. The technology is centered on energy conversion from one part of the electromagnetic spectrum to another and the paradigm-shifting applications in medicine, and commercial fields including adhesives, solar energy, electronics, commercial and industrial paints, and cosmetics. 

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