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The Johnson City Chronicle and Staff News spoke of Johnson City's Gloria Rayon Plant in April 1930

Bob Cox • Mar 17, 2019 at 12:00 PM

The attached photo shows the Gloria Textile Corporation Plant in Johnson City in April 1930.

"Moving Forward with the South”: "The production of better-type fabrics has grown to tremendous proportions in the South. Parallel this outstanding progress made by the textile industry has resulted in a resultant higher standard of living.

"Burlington Mills is proud to be a part of this progress, proud of the fact that this company invested millions of dollars in the future of the South.

"By ever-expanding its own production, Burlington contributed to the rapid increase in business activity — the yardstick of prosperity.

"For economic stability, Burlington maintained a program of financial soundness, reflected in its net worth of over $100,000,000.

"Through this extensive program for economic progress, Burlington Mills' 83 plant was been able to product the best possible products at the lowest possible prices.

"These quality fabrics are truly "worn into the life of America." That's why over 28,000 employees were going forward with Burlington Mills.

"Gloria Rayon Plant, Johnson City, Tennessee, was a unit of Burlington Mills. It was said to have been "Woven into the Life of America, Maker of Women's Wear Fabrics, Men's Wear Fabrics, Cotton Piece Goods and Yarns, Hosiery, Ribbons.

"Products included women's wear, outerwear, men's wear, ribbons, hosiery, yarns and fabrics for the home."

"A 1941 advertisement noted the mill with these words: "Gloria Rayon Mills Inc., Duncan M. Liles, Superintendent, resided at 513 W. Maple, Manufactures, Embreeville Road Near Walnut Street. The telephone number was "1109-W."

Several of my family members worked at Gloria Textile Corporation at its beginning that included my parents, Bob and Leota Cox, and two uncles, Lester and Glenn Cox. The impending world war would later change all that.

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