Fallen tree kills sleeping Elizabethton man

1728 Charlotte Drive.

ELIZABETHTON — Carter County and Elizabethton emergency units discovered and recovered the body of Peter Iles, 75, from his home Saturday after a tree fell on the master bedroom of the house where Iles had been in bed.

The incident was discovered around noon Saturday, when Elizabethton police officers on patrol saw the downed tree at 1728 Charlotte Drive.

Officers checked further and found the tree appeared to have fallen on the area of a bedroom in the house. The officers found an open door, but could not get anyone to answer knocks or respond from inside the house.

Officers entered the house and attempted to check on the occupant. The officers found debris, insulation and compromised structural integrity in the house.

They found the tree seemed to have fallen across the bed of the master bedroom, but they could not see any signs of the resident of the house.

The Elizabethton Fire Department was called to the scene to assist. Electrical service to the home was also turned off because of broken wires and structural damage.

The resident’s family was notified. Firefighters continued to inspect the area where the tree had fallen and observed a body on the bed underneath the tree and debris.

The Carter County Rescue Squad, the county coroner and the Carter County Emergency Management Agency were called to the scene.

After the body was removed from underneath the tree, the victim was identified as Iles. The body was transported to the Quillen College of Medicine for autopsy.