Photos and video: Storm floods Johnson City

Becky Campbell • Updated Aug 6, 2018 at 8:20 PM

A heavy afternoon downpour accompanied by high-speed winds Monday brought flooding to downtown Johnson City.

The intersection of West Market at Boone streets was covered by standing water after the storm struck around 2 p.m.

The intersection is near to two of Johnson City’s recently completed flooding mitigation projects related to King Creek, the neighboring detention pond at King and Boone Streets and King Commons Park.

King Creek overflowed its banks into King Commons Park, as well. Water was flowing into a retention pond located on the lot bordered by West Market Street, King Street, Montgomery Street and Boone Street, but it also overflowed from the street and was pouring into the pond as well.

Johnson City Public Works Director Phil Pindzola said he was surprised the area flooded because of the work that had been done. 

“I’ll need to see how much rain we got and look at those catch basins,” he said. “We may need to add some” to further mitigate flooding.

Other areas long West Market were also flooded, as were areas along State of Franklin Road.

Brush Creek also spilled its banks in Founders Park, another project made possible by the flood-mitigation program.

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