Forecast: Sun and fun this weekend in Johnson City

Evan Mays • Jun 29, 2018 at 11:46 PM

As temperatures get hotter and hotter this weekend, community members everywhere were out and about, enjoying warm, sunny weather.

Local parks were alive with excitement as the weekend kicked off. Whether looking to get in shape or looking to get their kids out of the house, people flooded local the green spaces.

At the Civitan Park, Rachel Denny said she enjoys doing laps around the track with her kids to get into shape.

"We walk here from home almost every morning so that I can get a little exercise and the kids can ride their bikes," Denny said, as she high-fived both her son and daughter as they rode by.

Across town at Willow Springs Park, the playground was full of kids and their parents. Erica Smith said she was excited to get her kids out of the house.

"Coming to the park is just a fun way to let them burn off some energy," Smith said. "It's just nice to finally have it not raining."

Smith said this weekend she plans to take her kids to the Jonesborough Days festival for the first time.

"I have a birthday party pony business, so I'll be going to Jonesborough Days for that and taking my kids with me," Smith said. "I'll be set up at Discovery Park, which is where most of the kids’ activities are set up at. My kids are also pretty excited to be in the parade."

Stephanie Shafer said she began bringing her dog, Nunu, to the Willow Springs dog park in early March. With the weather getting warmer, she said she plans on bringing her even more.

"Nunu really enjoys herself here. There are pools out in the park now, and she really enjoys those. She's discovered the joys of water," Shafer said, as Nunu and another dog, Ginny, wrestled on the ground.

"It's a really pretty park. The dogs get to run as much as they want, and there is a lot of different equipment and activities for them to enjoy as well. They truly get to express their canine natures," Shafer added. "Plus it isn't too bad a place for humans to come visit either."

According to Pete Warren, with the National Weather Service, this warm weather is here to stay.

“We are expecting temperatures to be in the low 90s this weekend,” Warren said. “We’re also expecting pretty clear skies with lots of sun.”

With events like Jonesborough Days and more happening this weekend, Warren warned that those seeking fun outdoors should be cautious of the high temperatures.

“If you are planning to be outside this weekend, the National Weather Service does have some tips to follow. Limit your exposure to the sun, wear lots of strong sunscreen and drink a lot of water,” Warren advised.

In a refreshing change of pace, Warren said, as of right now, no thunderstorms or rain showers are expected for the weekend, bringing the community dry days after several days of rain.

Warren said there might be a slight chance of showers on July 4th, but nothing substantial.

“It is still going to be very hot on the 4th, though,” Warren added. “So stick to the same safety tips if you plan on spending July 4th outside.”

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