Locals take advantage of Tuesday's warm weather

Brandon Paykamian • Updated Feb 20, 2018 at 6:43 PM

The consensus among Johnson City park visitors was as clear as the skies Tuesday afternoon — “It’s a perfect day.”

After a string of wet, relentlessly rainy days the previous week, locals throughout Northeast Tennessee had a much-needed opportunity to go outside and enjoy Tuesday’s sunny weather and a high of 78 degrees.

National Weather Service Spokesman Derek Eisentrout said this unusually warm weather could, however, give way to more rain on Wednesday and during the coming weekend.

“We have a very strong trough of low pressure to our west, and we have a ridge to our east. What this is doing is causing a strong south, southwesterly flow moving and bringing in warm air and moisture through our area,” Eisentrout said Tuesday. “With that moisture will come the possibility of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow.”

Ahead of the return of more rainy weather, Johnson City residents set out to take advantage of the early spring-like weather at parks across the city.

At Willow Springs Park, Jessica Harbin said Tuesday was the perfect day to be off work and take her dog, Dixie, a blue heeler border collie mix, to the dog park next to the park’s trail.

“It’s gorgeous today — a perfect day to be out of the house,” she said.

Dixie agreed. She took full advantage of the opportunity to run around a bit.

“She’s a little worn out now,” Harbin laughed. “She’s just glad to be out of the house today.”

Steve Reis, another resident at Willow Springs Park, said he was glad to get a chance to go outside after the wet weather. He said he often enjoys taking his bike out to the Tweetsie Trail, but hasn’t had much of chance to do so lately.

“I went for a bike ride this morning. The rain and snow just kept us indoors, and I love to be outside,” he said.

He said he and his son, Ephraim, needed a break from February’s gloomy weather.

“We don’t get many days like this throughout the year, let alone in February,” he said. “And we definitely needed it.”

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