Those traveling for Thanksgiving should expect some wet weather the weekend after.

Hannah Swayze • Updated Nov 19, 2017 at 7:07 PM

If you plan on traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday, you are not alone.

The American Automobile Association projects 50.9 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles away from home this Thanksgiving. This is a 3.3 increase over last year, predicting the most holiday travelers since 2005.

Tennesseans will make up 1.6 million of those travelers.

However, those who are choosing to travel should expect not only some crowded roads and airports, but some wet weather as well.

According to a report from Accu Weather Global Headquarters, Saturday night to Sunday morning will be particularly wet.

"Over the Appalachians and in the coastal mid-Atlantic and New England, several hours of rain are in store. There may be a rumble of thunder," according to the AccuWeather press release.

It also mentions that in parts of the Appalachians a brief period of snow may follow the rain.

In preparation for the weather, local travel-related workers recommend being as prepared as possible.

If traveling by car, Donna Ottinger, Tri-Cities AAA field manager, said the amount of calls the company receives and roadside assistance services increases around the holidays. She said the busiest days to travel are the Friday through Sunday after Thanksgiving, but the whole week of Thanksgiving is very busy time for them.

Ottinger also mentioned that according to statistics she's been given,  the company expects to rescue 330,000 motorists during the Thanksgiving weekend.

So how do you avoid needing assistance?

"We always recommend that before you set out for a long travel weekend that you make sure your vehicle is in good mechanical shape," Ottinger said. "You can always go have a little inspection done by a trusted repair shop, make sure you've got good tires, properly inflated, and a good, strong battery before you head out."

She also recommended basic safety measures, such as staying within the speed limit and making sure travelers keep fuel in their tanks, considering there could be traffic held up by an accident or a long line at the pumps.

But what if you're flying?

Kristi Haulssee, director of marketing and air service development at Tri-Cities Airport, said the busiest days to travel are the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after.

The best thing that passengers can do, according to Haulssee, on busy travel days is the educate themselves on the items they can and cannot take through TSA security checkpoints. Travelers should also be sure they have laptops or liquids that are easily accessible to take out of their bags when going through the checkpoints.

She also emphasized that getting to the airport the recommended two hours before your flight is no joke. The airlines recommend that time for a reason.

"And especially on a day here locally is, if we have Allegiant flying, that adds another, potentially, 150 more passengers coming through the airport at a specific time. It's very important that folks adhere to that getting to the airport early," Haulssee said.

No matter how you plan to travel, it seems to be the best that no matter your mode of transportation, make sure you are prepared. Thanksgiving is a time to be with family, don’t let travel upsets ruin it.

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