Car crushed by tree on Oak Lane

Brandon Paykamian • Updated Jul 7, 2017 at 9:02 AM

April McPeak arrived at her Oak Lane home Wednesday evening to a shocking sight: the large tree next to their house had fallen and crushed her son’s car.

She said the tree was most likely uprooted during a storm Wednesday.

Her children were visibly shaken after the tree loudly smashed into the Acura coupe.

“I pulled in and my kids were standing there like, ‘Ahhh!’” she said.

She immediately got out of the car to make sure the kids were fine and made sure Tristan, her son, was not in the car at the time.

“It probably fell right before I came home,” she said. “I pulled in the driveway, and I saw them (my kids) standing there — I literally threw the car in park, jumped out and I just ran and asked, ‘Is everybody OK?’

“I was trembling because I noticed my son’s car, and I had no idea what was going on.”

McPeak was relieved to find out everybody was fine. She said the family was particularly relieved that Tristan was not in the car — he often sits in his car for a while after parking. Despite the scare, April and her husband, Sam McPeak, were happy to find only the car was damaged.

If the wind had been blowing toward the house, the uprooted tree could have crashed onto the side of the house.

“You can replace a car, but you can’t replace a human life,” she said.

The tree fell with such force that Tristan’s car was totaled, its bottom pushed into the ground from the weight. The large tree also destroyed another tree in the yard, turning the top half into splinters.

April McPeak said the family recently changed the insurance plan for the car to liability, so the insurance most likely will not cover the damages. She said she isn’t sure if her homeowner’s insurance will help either.

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