Johnson City Press: Spotlight: Phillips says everyone can be successful

Spotlight: Phillips says everyone can be successful

Douglas Fritz • May 13, 2018 at 8:17 PM

This is the ninth and final segment of our spring sports Scholar Athlete Spotlight, a chance for some of today’s brightest high school athletes to answer several random questions. Some of the questions will be challenging, some will be light-hearted, and some will be serious.

The Luke Phillips File

Senior at Happy Valley High School

Track, 100 meters

• GPA: 3.89

• ACT: 32

• Favorite Netflix show: “Friends”

• Favorite song: “All We Got” by Chance the Rapper

• Favorite food: Chicken and wine sauce

• Person I admire: Inky Johnson

• College choice: University of the Cumberlands.

Interesting Facts

• “Football is my passion, and I’m blessed to be playing at UC for the next four years,” said Phillips.

• Student leader of Happy Valley FCA

The Four Questions

1. Out of the blue, you’ve been guaranteed a path to one of three things by the time you turn 40 years old. You can either be the President of the United States, CEO of a top 10 Fortune 500 company or an Oscar-winning movie star. Which one do you choose and why?

“I would prefer to be the CEO of a top 10 Fortune 500 company,” said Phillips. “If I was the president or a movie star, then everything I say or do will be scrutinized and posted all over social media. I wouldn’t want that life because there’s no privacy.”

2. As part of government-led research into the effect of diets, you will be sequestered on a remote island for three months. Bottles of water will be dropped by airplane on a daily basis. Once each month, a specific food will be dropped. You have no way to refrigerate any of it. What three food items would you have during your stay, and why would you choose them?

“I would have individually wrapped protein bars, peanut butter and beef jerky. All three are non-perishable foods with high protein.”

3. After working for 15 years and building a sparkling reputation in your field, you are accused by two people of something you did not do. It is your word against theirs. A friend tells you personal information about these two people that would potentially ruin their lives, but likely save your job. Do you reveal the information to your superiors? Why or why not?

“I would talk to the people who are accusing me, and figure out what the misunderstanding is about and find the real problem. I wouldn’t use their personal information to ruin their lives. That would be wrong morally.”

4. Think about all of the people you know who are graduating in 2018. Do you believe all of them have the same opportunity for success? Explain why you believe this, or why you don’t believe this.

“No, not everyone has the same opportunity for success. However, everyone does have the ability to become successful. It’s not about the opportunities you are given in life, it’s about what you do with them. That’s what makes you successful. Some people simply don’t have the work ethic to become successful.”

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