Honestly Hannah: This is your brain on 'Game of Thrones'

Hannah Swayze • Updated Apr 15, 2019 at 10:47 AM

As I write this, my brain has been completely consumed by “Game of Thrones.” Please from this moment on, I request that you read this article in a Western European accent of your choosing. Scottish is a good choice. Also, this may be a confusing read for anyone who hasn’t seen the show. I try to explain it as best I can but, frankly, that’s an article for another time. 

I did it. I finally did it. 

When “Game of Thrones” first premiered in 2011, I don’t even remember. I never really wanted to watch it. But, at some point doing the show’s ridiculously long run I caught the bug. I watched the first two seasons and, while I was interested, let’s be honest: I was not that hooked. An amazing show? Yes. Worth the hours I could be putting into other things? Not in the least. 

Nevertheless, when season 7 of the show premiered and I was invited to watch with a group of friends, I said yes. I’ve never been one for surprises. In fact, I think surprises are overrated. So I watched all of season 7 with next to no clue what I watching. 

That being said, on Tuesday I decided since the final season premiered on Sunday night, I would give the show the respect it deserves and catch up. So, yes, I set off to watch four seasons of ‘Game of Thrones’ in six days. 

As I set off on this journey into the medieval-esque fantasy-driven world of the Starks, Lannisters, white walkers and never-ending stories of deception and intrigue, I highly underestimated how crazy this story would get. 

Season 3

Good news. I found out about two episodes into this that I have actually seen all of season 3. This is excellent news. The bad news is that I still watched all of it because it was so early in the show that I enjoyed it too much. This decision may or may not have come back to bite me later. 

Season 4

This is my friend Jessica’s favorite season on the show and I see why. The Red Wedding is a great episode. A slaughter, but it still caught me by surprise. I’m also reminded of how much I despise King Joffrey. Everyone is so young in this season compared to season 7. Arya especially.  I’m slowly catching up with the rhythm of the show. It’s rather depressing and keeping me up late. 

Season 5

Did I mention that every episode of this show is an hour long? It’s a lot. However, at this point in the show, I’m all hooked. I’m incredibly invested in Jon Snow and his destiny and Kit Harrington has officially become my favorite. 

Season 6

I’m so close. Honestly, this was the hardest one. Like in the show. everything has fallen apart. I have no sense of time when I turn off the show in the wee hours in the morning. Like the show, everything I knew has all come crashing down. There is no reality, no “Game of Thrones.” Everything is the same. 

Final thoughts:

I don’t think anyone with a normal job should ever decide to watch this much television at once unless they are willing to give up any semblance of social life. But I don’t regret it. I am all caught up and ready to watch the season premiere.

But I will say, it’s you’re going to watch this many episodes of a television show in one week, make sure it’s a comedy. 

It’s good news, though, I’m ready for what is promised to be an amazing final season. 

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