Boone Dam project on schedule to enter final leg of repairs

Jessica Fuller • Jan 9, 2018 at 10:51 PM

Repairs at Boone Dam are on target for a 2022 completion date as the project nears the final yet longest leg of the repair process. 

After a taking a weeklong holiday break, workers were back at it at the turn of the year despite single-digit temperatures to push forward with the process. The project’s program manager, Mary Ellen Miller, said that the goal is to get the site primed for a diaphragm wall.

Work to fortify the downstream berm was completed before the holidays, now attention moves to the upstream berm to fortify the 900-foot long earthen embankment and prepare it for the construction of the diaphragm wall. 

“We are hard at work here whether its warm or whether it’s cold,” Miller said Tuesday. “We’re very serious in our commitment to keep this project moving along in a timely manner.” 

Over the past few years, workers have been working to drill into the earthen embankment to prepare for the diaphragm wall, the installation of which is the final leg of the project. To date, 90,000 tons of stone have been placed on both the upstream and downstream berms at the dam in order to fortify the dam. 

Once the rock is all moved, the next step is to widen the earthen embankment to make way for the massive equipment that will be used to construct the diaphragm wall, all underground work that will take years to complete. 

The wall, once in place, will help stop the internal erosion of the porous bedrock under the dam. Miller said that while everything looks to still be on-track for a 2022 completion, there’s still a little work to be done before looking to the next step of the repairs.

“After this upstream and downstream construction is complete, then we will better be able to discuss and announce the details about the wall construction,” Miller said.

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