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Phone app 'magic' makes newspaper come to life

• Jun 24, 2017 at 10:23 PM

Did you ever dream you could view a video straight from the pages of your print newspaper? You can now in the Johnson City Press, thanks to a free iPhone and Android app called Prindeo. Prindeo is teaming up with the Press to bring our images and advertisements to life.

"It’s no secret that the whole world is going mobile," said Troy Spring, founder of Prindeo. “It’s no secret that video content is everything right now in the digital space. It led to the question: ‘How do we bring video to print?’ The way to do it was through image-recognition technology. It’s made to be engaging and fun.”

After downloading the app, it’s a simple process to work Prindeo’s exciting and effortless magic. The reader opens the Prindeo app, holds his smartphone over a printed image, taps the screen, and the app does the rest. The reader will automatically be redirected to extra content, including videos, photos, contests, coupons, music, information, and more. Prindeo immediately takes you to bonus and exclusive content. It’s that easy.

“It’s really about reinventing print and what more it can do in this day and age. When you scan an image and you want information fast, there is nothing standing in the way of getting your information fast with Prindeo,” said Spring. “Prindeo makes print more relevant in a mobile-enabled world."

“It’s about providing our readers a better content experience,” said Justin Wilcox, publisher of the Johnson City Press. “With Prindeo, we can provide our readers simple, easy access to all kinds of content — videos, photos, contests, coupons — all straight from the pages of our print newspaper. Videos you can view from the pages of your newspaper? Pretty amazing,” said Wilcox.

“The reality of image-recognition technology is that we can literally make our print pages come alive,” Wilcox said. "We can make that political candidate come alive, scan his face from our page, and hear his message. We can show a picture of the Fourth of July parade, hover over the picture with the open Prindeo app, and let you hear the band playing at the parade.

“We are proud and excited to change the way people interact with their local newspaper. We hope our readers and advertisers enjoy the new JCPressLive bonus material and share this excitement with everyone they know. We encourage everyone to download the free Prindeo app today. Just text PRINDEO to 67076.”

Look for JCPressLive bonus and exclusive content in upcoming issues of the Johnson City Press wherever you see the Prindeo Play Button.

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