NET stat leaders: Sams tops in HR, RBIs

Douglas Fritz • May 1, 2019 at 7:40 PM

Home runs were flying and runs were scoring, but there were also some nifty pitching performances in area high school softball this season.

Sullivan East’s Chelsea Sams won the regular season home run title with 18 big flies. She also led the area with 67 runs batted in.

Here is the final installment of the 2019 Northeast Tennessee statistical leaders.

Chelsea Sams, Sullivan East 18
Kylee Wolfe, Sullivan East 16
Sejal Neas, Science Hill 9
Aliyah Crawley, Volunteer 9
Sam Chavez, Unicoi County 9
Jaycie Jenkins, Daniel Boone 8
Mackenzie Baldwin, David Crockett 8

Others with 7: Megan Ackerman, Daniel Boone; Kasey Bennett, Science Hill; Hannah Brooks, Johnson County; Laura Dade, Sullivan South; Riley Hope, David Crockett.

Chelsea Sams, Sullivan East 67
Kylee Wolfe, Sullivan East 65
Megan Ackerman, Daniel Boone 59
Jaycie Jenkins, Daniel Boone 45
Sejal Neas, Science Hill 42
Sam Chavez, Unicoi County 40
Laura Dade, Sullivan South 38
Alli Chandler, Volunteer 34


RUNS Total
Chelsea Sams, Sullivan East 57
Jaycie Jenkins, Daniel Boone 48
Kylee Wolfe, Sullivan East 45
McKenna Dietz, Daniel Boone 43
Halie Hawkins, Unicoi County 42
Katelyn Loudy, Sullivan East 41
Brylee Mesusan, Daniel Boone 41
Camryn Sarvis, Daniel Boone 40
Kasey Bennett, Science Hill 39
Jannon Glaspie, Science Hill 38
Sam Chavez, Unicoi County 38

Others with 34 or more: Jillian Shackelford, Sullivan East — 37; Abagail Taylor, Science Hill — 36; Mackenzie Compton, Sullivan South — 36; Riley Hope, David Crockett — 34

Halie Hawkins, Unicoi County 48
Brylee Mesusan, Daniel Boone 33
McKenna Dietz, Daniel Boone 27
Jaycie Jenkins, Daniel Boone 22
Jersey Wines, Volunteer 15
Leah Edney, Unicoi County 14
Kasey Bennett, Science Hill 12
Mackenzie Compton, Sullivan South 11
Audrey Evans, Volunteer 11


Kylee Wolfe, Sullivan East .548
Halie Hawkins, Unicoi County .538
Chelsea Sams, Sullivan East .522
Laura Dade, Sullivan South .500
Maggie Johnson, Elizabethton .500
Jaycie Jenkins, Daniel Boone .492
Kira Dillard, Elizabethton .486
Nicole Troutman, Sullivan South .486
Mackenzie Compton, Sullivan South .481
Sam Chavez, Unicoi County .475

Others at .400 or better: Kasey Bennett, Science Hill — .474; Abigail Taylor, Science Hill — .459; Megan Ackerman, Daniel Boone — .454; Aliyah Crawley, Volunteer — .446; Kiley Bennett, Unicoi County — .407; Morgan Riffle, Dobyns-Bennett — .406; Nickolette Ferguson, Daniel Boone — .405; Allee Griffith, Unicoi County — .402

WINS Total
Allee Griffith, Unicoi County 26
Megan Ackerman, Daniel Boone 24
Nickolette Ferguson, Daniel Boone 17
Sejal Neas, Science Hill 17
Morgan Riffle, Dobyns-Bennett 15
Kara Weems, David Crockett 14
Kylee Wolfe, Sullivan East 10
Sydney Allen, Volunteer 9
Alli Chandler, Volunteer 9
Nicole Troutman, Sullivan South 8
Tara Shively, Sullivan South 8


Morgan Riffle, Dobyns-Bennett 164
Nickolette Ferguson, Daniel Boone 145
Kara Weems, David Crockett 145
Allee Griffith, Unicoi County 144
Sejal Neas, Science Hill 142
Megan Ackerman, Daniel Boone 115
Kylee Wolfe, Sullivan East 55


Morgan Riffle, Dobyns-Bennett 0.940
Sejal Neas, Science Hill 0.957
Megan Ackerman, Daniel Boone 0.966
Nickolette Ferguson, Daniel Boone 1.049
Kara Weems, David Crockett 1.240


Megan Ackerman, Daniel Boone 1.19
Morgan Riffle, Dobyns-Bennett 1.42
Nickolette Ferguson, Daniel Boone 1.56
Sejal Neas, Science Hill 1.90