Shelter making Valentine's Day push to get longest-tenured animals adopted

Jonathan Roberts • Feb 3, 2020 at 9:00 AM

When Gigi was surrendered to the Washington County/Johnson City Animal Shelter in May 2018, shelter director Tammy Davis expected her to be adopted rather quickly.

More than 630 days later, however, and Gigi remains in her enclosure, and is among the six dogs and cats who have been at the shelter for the longest — prompting Davis and the shelter to see if there’s any way they could get those unlucky six adopted. The result, is a Valentine’s Day-themed adoption drive for the shelter’s three longest-staying cats and three longest-staying dogs.

“We thought that we would focus Valentine’s Day on our top three cats that have been here the longest and our top three dogs,” Davis said. “Now is the time to focus on these who’ve been here so long.”

Outside of the dog and cat kennel entrances there are photos showing the 10 cats and dogs that have been there the longest, though half have found fur-ever homes in recent months. The six who will be highlighted — Gigi, Kass, Angel, Chapo, Brutis and Sasha — have not.

“They are excellent animals who just need the right person to fall in love with them,” Davis said, adding that it’s unusual for animals to remain at the shelter for over a year. 

And while Davis hopes to see all six find new homes, Gigi has been a special case for her. Unlike some of the other six, Gigi is good with other animals and is playful, which is why Davis has been surprised Gigi hasn’t found a home yet. Over the nearly two years Gigi has been at the shelter, Davis has formed a bond with her, and said she’s always the first cat she see when she comes in for work.

Fortunately for Gigi, a friend of Davis was able to help, and Gigi will be seen on digital billboards across the Tri-Cities, as a result.

“All it takes is for the right person to look in Gigi’s eyes and say ‘I love that cat’,” Davis said.

The other five: 

Kass has been in the shelter for more than a year, but she loves to play and enjoys her toys. Kass doesn’t like other cats, however, and will need to be an “only-child” once adopted.

Angel loves wet food, but is undecided on people it seems, though Davis says that’s likely due to her current environment. Like Gigi, Angel can be with other cats, and would thrive in a more laid-back household.

Chapo is an anxious dog who’s been at the shelter since April 2018. As a result, Chapo is anxious around humans and tends to bark, though he gets more playful when you get used to him. Chapo needs to be the only pet in the home, and needs some additional training.

Sasha has spent more time at the shelter than of its current animals, having returned in March of 2018, though she’s been in and out since 2015. Sasha is playful, and will require a yard to burn off her energy. She needs to be the only pet, and needs some additional training.

Brutis is a boxer-hound mix and has been at the shelter for over a year, as well. He’s a happy, playful dog and loves people, but needs to be the only pet.

“It’s just a matter of finding someone who wants that one special dog and focuses all their attention on that one dog,” Davis said.

Davis said the shelter is hoping to host an adoption event from Feb. 13-16, in hopes of finding homes for as many animals as possible before Spring — a traditionally busy season for the shelter — returns. For more information on the animals, visit the shelter’s Facebook page (@wcjcas) or call the shelter at (423) 926-8769.