Daisy Duke loves the rites of summer

Joe Avento • Jul 7, 2019 at 12:00 AM

Some people treat their dogs like kids, and our bloodhound is definitely our kid.

Since summer is a special time for children, it makes sense that our Daisy Duke is being spoiled. Among the things all kids deserve during the summer are a chance to swim and ice cream — especially ice cream.

Daisy Duke is getting both.

When our bloodhound finally experienced her first ice cream cone, she did it like a champ. We fully expected her to chomp the entire swirl of ice cream in one bite, leaving a broken cone in my hand. Instead, she patiently licked it from side to side, seemingly savoring every taste. She barely made any mess.

There was no doubt she was enjoying her frozen treat on a hot day.

Some of you will say some dogs are lactose intolerant and she shouldn’t be given ice cream, blah, blah, blah. To this, I say “Fuggedaboutit!” Daisy Duke is getting an ice cream cone from time to time. We are of the mind that just about anything in moderation won’t hurt her.

After she got her ice cream, we turned our attention to another rite of summer for our crazy hound.

We got Daisy Duke a kiddie pool last year when she was still a pup. Now that she’s maturing into a full-grown dog, that pool doesn’t work anymore. When we recently got it out for the season, it wasn’t much more than an ankle washer for her. She dwarfed the old pool.

I felt like Sheriff Brody in Jaws — and you-know-who was the shark — when I said “We’re gonna need a bigger pool.”

We found a larger pool and after a good 30 minutes of running the hose to fill it up, Daisy Duke was splashing around like we had hoped she would. It took her a minute to figure it out and she even seemed to stop and test the water before jumping in.

It’s fun to see her leap over the edge of the 18-inch high wall and land in the cool water. It’s even more fun to see her jump out. Back and forth she’ll go. No matter how many times we throw her ball into the water, she wants us to do it more.

That pool lasted three days before what had turned into the Creature from the Black Lagoon put a hole in the bottom.

A new, hard plastic version was on its way.

It’s not all fun and games, though. There was an encounter with a June bug that got into the pool and was doing the backstroke trying to get out. Daisy Duke tried to play bobbing for June bugs, but all she did was keep splashing it farther away.

We helped the poor bug out of the water and sent him on his way.

Sometimes the bugs fight back. A yellow jacket happened to cross paths with our canine entomologist, and this time the insect won.

We saw Daisy Duke shaking her head over and over and figured something was up, maybe she had gotten some water in her ear. Instead, a stunned yellow jacket was on the ground. Daisy Duke had just experienced her first sting and she didn’t like it one bit.

After we forced a couple of Benadryls down her throat, she shook it off and showed no ill effects.

Daisy Duke also recently had an interesting interaction with some workers at our house.

As we had a new heat pump installed, the workers were in the backyard so we had to leave the gate open. That meant all four of our dogs had to go out on a leash.

When we came out of the front door, one of the installers excitedly said “Is that Daisy Duke?” He recognized her from the newspaper and immediately called his wife.

After a few minutes of posing for pictures, Daisy Duke went on to take care of her business. But they were still paying attention to her and she knew it.

A diva always does.

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