TVA: Overgrown lake might not be a bad thing

Jessica Fuller • Sep 24, 2016 at 5:21 PM

Once covered with water, the Boone Lake bed is now full of lush vegetation, which has been taking over the lake for more than a year.

And while the vegetation will continue to grow in the five to seven-year span the lake will remain drawn down. The Tennessee Valley Authority said it has no immediate plans to tend to the flora and that the moderation of the greenery is up to property owners.

While removing and taming the vegetation is up to the discretion of property owners, TVA Boone Dam Project community relations manager Mary Ellen Miller said keeping the greenery in place can be beneficial to the future of the lake.

“The vegetation is doing two things for Boone Lake,” Miller said. “It’s benefiting future fish populations and preventing erosion on the shoreline while it’s exposed.”

Property owners can remove or trim vegetation with lawnmowers, tractors or weed eaters if they wish, according to the TVA website, but should exercise caution and be aware of local laws if the plans are to burn the vegetation to remove it.

The TVA recommends not using chemicals to spray the greenery as some chemicals may require a permit and can have lasting consequences on the surrounding habitat. Property owners should also refrain from planting common lawn grasses as it may disturb the ecological area.

As the time nears to refill the lake, Miller said the TVA will clear out any vegetation that may impede navigation. Updates and further news on the Boone Dam Project can be reached at www.tva.com.

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