Johnson City Press: Five Questions with Doctor Ocular guitarist Rodney Doughty

Five Questions with Doctor Ocular guitarist Rodney Doughty

Brandon Paykamian • Jan 14, 2019 at 9:18 AM

When Rodney Doughty isn’t working as a bartender, he spends much of his time focusing on his music as guitarist for local psychedelic rock band Doctor Ocular. 

On Friday, Doughty emailed the Johnson City Press to tell us more about himself and his music, as well as upcoming events. 

Doughty Briefly: 

– Biggest influences are Tauk, Stevie Ray Vaughn and John Schofield.

– Started playing music at age 12. 

– Works to book other local bands. 

– Typically plays an American Standard Stratocaster and a Gibson SG, but “recently switched to a T-486 Eastman semi-hollow body.” 

How did you first discover your interest in music? 

I started playing music very young and have always found it to be very therapeutic. There is no greater feeling than bringing an original product to a group of strangers and watching them really dig it and appreciate you for what you've created.

What do you like most about the local music scene?

I'm not originally from Johnson City, but from day one, I have always noticed how deep of a talent pool there is available in this area. It's not just limited to folk/country, as one might think. It encompasses several genres of music, blues, rap, jazz, punk. A lot of genres are represented for such a small community.

What are your goals and hopes for the future? 

I strive to be a professional musician, and in the future, I hope to continue playing throughout the country and slowly ascend into being a bigger act playing bigger venues.

What’s your favorite venue?

As far as local venues go, I wouldn't say that I necessarily have a favorite. They all have different qualities that make them unique. The Hideaway is a very intimate setting where an act coming to play there wouldn't necessarily feel like they had to play a certain style of music to be accepted. The Willow Tree is very cozy, and Teri Dosher makes it feel like home when you're playing there. That's a great venue to play if you really just want to be heard. Capone's is great because Allen is by far the best sound guy around. He's great at figuring out what a band's strengths and weaknesses are and can really dial in their sound in just a few moments.

What upcoming events or projects can we expect from you? 

Doctor Ocular has a full-length album in the works right now.  As for details, I can't share a lot because it's a big secret, and I would hate to ruin the surprise. But you can catch us in Bristol later this month, Jan. 26, at Studio Brew with Demon Waffle, if you wanted to hear our new music!

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