Edward Breese discusses pets and the future of the Blue Moon Theatre

Hannah Swayze • Sep 7, 2018 at 3:34 PM

Edward Breese is the owner/operator of the Blue Moon Theatre Company in downtown Johnson City. During festivals and on various evenings, you might catch him, various members of his family or even his new puppy under the blue awning on Main Street giving tours of the theater or chatting with the cast of the latest show. 

1. So what’s it like to run a theater?

That’s such a broad question. “What’s it like not to have a theatre?” I think is the question because we’ve been at it for 10 years on and off and so it’d be hard to describe life out of the theater at this point. So I guess that’ the best way to describe it. It’s a small business. It’s a roller-coaster — it has its ups and down but we enjoy it. 

2. How did you get started in theater?

I started in theatre when i was in junior high, so I guess I always was involved with it. Then I got a degree in it. I got an associate’s degree and then a bachelor’s degree in theater so I guess I’ve always been involved. But the way I came to settle in one place was because we were settling down and we didn't want to be traveling actors or constantly looking for the next theatre job so we decided to stay in once place and take on the whole thing.

3. I hear you have a “show puppy” that hangs out in here every once and while?

So, Fezzik. He came along this summer and he sort of had to come along to a couple of rehearsals and he was so well-behaved that it sort of became a tradition somehow. He just comes to rehearsals and as long as he isn't disruptive we let him stay around so ... Which he isn’t. He lays around and watches rehearsal and sort of is a mascot of each of the cast. He’s a Newfoundland-Pyrenees mix. He’s 16 weeks and at the last weigh-in he was 53 pounds. People won’t get to meet him on show nights but he’ll come out for festivals and things like that.

4. What is something not a lot of people know about you?

Because of serious illness in 2014, like super-serious illness, we had to close the theater and we did not think we would be back open and I am on the (track to) recover(y) since then so I’d say that’s something not a lot of people know is that we had to close it due to sickness. But we’re the same people back running it.

5. So now that you’re back, what does the future of the Blue Moon look like?

We’re currently in the process of selecting our 2019 season. That, in combination with getting our beer and hopefully wine license and then we are expanding our food menu. And hopefully bringing back a mix of not only our regular comedies but also just a variety of performances, including improv and stand-up and music and a whole bunch of things and of course, murder mysteries, too, because people enjoy them.

To learn more about the Blue Moon Theatre Company, visit their website http://bluemoontheatre.weebly.com or find them on Facebook. Currently on stage at the Blue Moon is the comedy, “Elvis Has Left The Building.” 

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