What does a day in the life of our community look like?

Hannah Swayze • Updated Jul 31, 2018 at 3:47 PM

What does a day in the life of our community look like?

Inside this issue of the Johnson City Press, we here in the newsroom attempt to give our readers a snapshot of one day in the life of the world around us. 

On July 18, Press reporters and editors took a step out into the community and for the day, all of East Tennessee was our office.

This piece is a photo documentation of one 24-hour period taken by us as well as contribution from our readers.

“A Day in the Life gives us a chance to know our community just a little bit better each year,” Press Content Director Sam Watson said. “We spend a lot of time reporting the news — both good and bad — and developing features about people and places of interest every day of the year, but this effort is special in that it offers us a chance to find people as they are at any given minute.”

In today’s special section, you will find every day people doing the jobs they do on a typical Wednesday in the summer. From firefighters woking overnight to Open Mic Night at the Willow Tree to children beating the heat at Wetlands Water Park, we try to include as many aspects of daily life here as we can.

"It's almost as if the community is like a large machine, and you're getting a chance to watch how all the different parts work to make everything function," Press Staff Writer Brandon Pakamiyan said.

Paykamian spent his day stopping by the Johnson City/Washington County Veterans’ Memorial, the construction site of the James C. And Mary B. Martin Center for the Arts and the summer camp at Carver Park. 

For some reporters, the day was also an opportunity to reconnect with readers and the people we write for.

Staff Writer Jessica Fuller spent the day in Jonesborough walking through the town and meeting the residents. Along with photos of storytellers and people on their way to vote, she took one photo that stuck with her. The photo is of a simple scene: two people in The Corner Cup enjoying scones and coffee. Pink flowers are seen through the window on the shop, framing the two friends. 

“It’s like I was really a part of the community for a day,” Fuller said.

Our intern, MacKenzie Moore, found inspiration while out and about. 

In the photo accompanying this article, Moore is inside the bird sanctuary of Bright’s Zoo with three exotic birds perched on her pantsuit and her head. Even talking about it now, she can’t stop smiling.

Moore said that her experience of walking around downtown and observing everyone’s every day lives inspired her to do more in-depth reporting. It also gave her an idea for her capstone project for when she returns to school in the fall.

Moore said the day inspired her to do more reporting where she gives a voice to ordinary people and to try to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary.

“Everyone has a story. There’s always something going on,” Moore said.

Though A Day in the Life includes many pictures, it is only a glimpse into the lives of the world around us. 

"We’re simply amazed at how much happens here in a 24-hour period, and we can only give readers a glimpse of that, but we’ve found that the diversity of activity here is what makes Northeast Tennessee a growing, vibrant place to live, work and play,” Watson said.

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