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No longer a leader

JIM LAGERGREN • May 19, 2014 at 10:35 AM

Once upon a time there was leadership. In 1983, the communist Cuban military took over the sovereign nation of Grenada and took American university students on the island hostage. A leader named Ronald Reagan did not go to a fundraiser in Las Vegas (as Obama did during the Benghazi attack) but secretly ordered the U.S. Marines to take the island immediately. Done. Grenada’s government resumed and the students were freed.Recently, 300 Christian girls were taken hostage by a Muslim terrorist group in Nigeria. After golfing and flying around the world for three weeks, President Obama and his wife Michele tweet “free our girls” from their cellphones. Secretary of State John F. Kerry states that Africa has terrorists because they are poor and lack health coverage. Hillary Clinton is still looking for a video to blame.The world used to turn to America for leadership. Now, Muslim terrorists and a Soviet dictator are taking over the world with no opposition.JIM LAGERGRENJohnson City

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