Man gets unusual sentence on litter conviction

John Thompson • Apr 23, 2019 at 6:36 PM

ELIZABETHTON — A man convicted of littering received an unusual sentence from Carter County Sessions Court Judge Keith Bowers Jr. on Monday.

Instead of ordering jail time, Bowers ordered Chad Joshua Oliver to spend 160 hours picking up trash following his conviction on a charge of aggravated criminal littering. Oliver was also fined $50 and court costs and placed on probation for 11 months and 29 days.

Lt. Issac Rhea said the incident began on April 10 when he received a complaint about a large amount of garbage dumped on the side of Lick Skillet Road. Rhea said the trash was on the side of the road and also had gotten into a creek.

Rhea contacted the sheriff department’s litter crew, who came out to clean up the litter. He instructed the deputies over the litter crew to check to see if there were any papers that might provide a name or address of the offender, then weigh the trash when it was taken to the landfill.

Rhea was told later that there were several pieces of trash with a man’s name on it. Rhea said he knew the man had died several months ago.

One of the papers was a part of a vehicle registration for a Ford truck. A check on the registration showed that the truck was now owned by the deceased man’s son, Chad Oliver, 40, 124 U.G. Buckles Road. Rhea said Oliver’s residence was about a mile from the dump site.

Rhea said the trash also contained baby food jars and used diapers. He said he knew that Oliver had a baby. Rhea said the garbage was weighed at the landfill and it came to 180 pounds.

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