A Charles Dickens classic comes to life at Barter Theatre

Contributed To The Press • Sep 17, 2018 at 2:18 PM

Barter Theatre is excited to announce the Charles Dickens classic “Great Expectations” adapted by Catherine Bush on the Gilliam Stage at Barter Theatre.

The classic comes to life as we see iconic characters like Ms. Havisham, Estella, Magwitch, and Pip’s best friend Biddy during the trials and tribulations of life and love. “Great Expectations” is sure to leave audiences gasping for breath, and swept off their feet with excitement as they journey through Pip’s fast paced world.

“When I went back through the book ‘Great Expectations’, I was amazed at how Dickens captured something that felt simultaneously so true to his time and place as it is to ours. He put his finger on something palpable about growing up: a special brew of ambition, yearning, heartache, excitement, and struggle that I feel around me here and now,” said Katy Brown director of “Great Expectations”.

“Pip’s journey has a deep resonance for all of us. He comes from a rural place; with dreams of becoming something else and sometimes feels guilty that he wants that. He struggles between love of where he comes from and trying to distance himself from it,” Brown continued. “In this play, Pip talks directly to us, he confides in us about what it feels like to strive and sometimes fail, and what it is to finally discover what it means to reach out and love who you actually are.”

“Great Expectations” is made possible by the generosity of our corporate sponsor Bristol Regional Medical Center, and media sponsor, FOX Tri-Cities WEMT.

Tickets start at $20, for tickets, call 276-628-3991 or visit BarterTheater.com

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