Letters: Curtains for Tinseltown

Johnson City Press • May 22, 2020 at 6:00 AM

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Curtains for Tinseltown

It was with a great deal of sadness that I learned of the closing of Bristol’s Tinseltown.

The staff and management always made a visit a memorable experience. The corporate headquarters provided the local audience with performances from New York’s Metropolitan Opera and Moscow’s Bolshoi Ballet. The opera audience grew from a number of seven to 50, and the ballet audience grew from three to 20.

Those who attended the performances faithfully can only hope that another venue will step in to fill the void. Possible locations: the Abingdon Cinemall or the Higher Education Center in Abingdon, the Pinnacle in Bristol or the AMC 14 in Johnson City. The theater has to be able to receive a satellite feed.

Please consider, for there are many people waiting to hear if someone will come to our rescue.

Abingdon, Va.

U.S. lost its lead role

Reagan once said, "the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help."

This mentality explains why Republicans aren't so much worried about a contagious, incurable illness that kills a few thousand Americans every day; they are much more terrified that government is giving handouts to people who do not deserve them, whether it's food stamps and healthcare for poor people, or masks and ventilators for victims of a pandemic. Even more terrifying ... when government wastes money paying your employees so they can stay at home in quarantine instead of going to work and earning you profits.

Fortunately for Republicans, they no longer have to live in fear that the federal government will help anyone. When states reached out to the president for help, they got ten masks when they needed a thousand, they were told "you're on your own" with testing and ventilators. When Congress passed financial relief intended for workers and small businesses, Republicans ensured much of this money was redirected to political donors instead. If "the man from the government" isn't coming to help with those things, don't count on him delivering on a vaccine, either.

By conservative standards, the president and his cronies have done an absolutely spectacular job, but only because Republicans have always believed government isn't here to help you, you're supposed to take care of yourself. This pandemic has afflicted every country in the world, but this is literally the first time in modern history that no other country has looked to the United States for help or for leadership. Because the rest of the world knows this administration isn't coming to help anyone; this president is only interested in helping himself at your expense.


An ounce of prevention

I will stay home unless I have errands. I will wear a mask and wash my hands with OCD.

My daughter just finished chemo and this caution is for her and also myself, as I am in a high-risk group. It’s more important for me to be very cautious, as I have observed others in our area are not.

I go for drives in the car and see very long lines outside businesses, everyone standing shoulder to shoulder with very few, if any, masks in the line.

I feel I have to take these precautions to take care of my family as well as myself. People in our area are showing very little caution to prevent spreading the virus if they have it.


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