Letters: Williams is Republicans' future

Johnson City Press • May 15, 2020 at 6:00 AM

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Williams is Republicans’ future

Sen. Rusty Crowe did the right thing when vouching for the Republican credentials for one of his opponents for Congress, Nicole Williams.

Ms. Williams has been working hard while wearing a Republican hat and deserves to be on the ballot. This young lady is the future of the Republican Party. Her political views reflect the clear direction in which the party is moving.

Regardless of the outcome of the upcoming primary election, during the next Lincoln Day Dinner, Ms. Williams deserves a seat not only at the head table, but to be the keynote speaker for that event.

I would encourage all my Republican friends to listen carefully to Ms. Williams’ message. No doubt she will soon be one of your front-line leaders representing the core values of the Republican Party.

Johnson City

Mail-in voting is safer

The Associated Press recently reported on our state’s prospects for voting by mail. Tennessee’s attorney general, as the title of the article captured, has announced “Fear of virus not (to be a) reason to vote by mail.”

Contrary to the majority of U.S. states which have acknowledged the grave threat to health under continuance of the pandemic and made absentee voting accommodations, Tennessee’s elections plan “doesn’t contemplate a shift to allow all voters” the mail-in ballot option.

Such a stance seems extremely shortsighted in lieu of the warnings by public health authorities and given, especially, that insufficient testing for the virus could yet mean extensive COVID-19 disease spread in Tennessee communities. According to Sen. Lamar Alexander’s statement on the Evening News recently, even by the end of June just 7% of Tennesseans are expected to have been tested.

A listing of the “excuses” that currently allow Tennesseans to vote by mail was published in this paper on May 9. It entails among other groups people on jury duty, hospitalized or sick persons or their caretakers, and those 60 years or older. The latter are by far the largest block in this list but also, by far, the minority of Tennessee’s voting-age population. By the latest Statistical Abstracts (2010), 60+ seniors counted fewer than 1.3 million, while those of below-60 voting age made up more than 2.7 million.

Resulting from the current restrictions, were the state not to allow mail voting as so many others have done, only the minority of voting-eligible Tennesseans could safely cast their ballot in November.

To be able to “have your say” in elections, as Ed McKinney encouraged readers recently, let’s hope that Governor Lee is more sympathetic to “fear of virus” than the state’s election officials appear to be.


Who should we believe?

I see that our governor and the president are anxious to get things back to normal and are pushing to relax the restrictions imposed during this crisis. Forgive me if I choose to follow the advice of scientists and doctors rather than the words of politicians.

If people wish to resume normal activities and the results are catastrophic will the politicos accept the responsibility? Probably not, so my advice is to follow the medical guidelines and not the political ones.

Johnson City

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