Letters: How do we move forward?

Johnson City Press • May 1, 2020 at 12:00 AM

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How do we move forward?

As we pass a milestone and observe some religious holidays in our community, we should ask ourselves, how do we move forward? How do we act in such a way as to minimize harm to others as well as reach out to those who are struggling in this time?

When this crisis started, how many still went out to the trails, played basketball, had parties and basically endangered their neighbors and themselves?

It is concerning that some in this community have not considered the needs of the many and instead only thought of their own personal needs. You saw this in the lack of paper towels, toilet paper, bread and other essential food items. Now is the time to end that attitude.

This pandemic has not hit us hard, and yet it could. If we stop taking this seriously there is indeed the possibility of people getting sick and even death.

So what should we do? First and foremost, stay home. This crisis will pass. But the lives of many might not.

Second, check on those in the community that might need some help. This area in general is a retirement community, so there are indeed many who could be vulnerable to this disease. Think of them at this time.

Third, support your local business. This community has so many little mom and pop stores it would be a shame to see some of them not return after this crisis.

If we can indeed think and help our Tri-City partners, there is no reason we cannot come out of this stronger than ever. I hope no one becomes a victim of this disease. Help each other and let's prosper to a better future.

Johnson City

Searching for help

I am writing out of total frustration with the Tennessee unemployment office and our local state representative and senator. I understand the situation of many of my fellow Tennesseans and empathize with them, since I am also in their collective shoes being laid off from our jobs.

However, it is unacceptable for no one to respond back to assist me and many, many others in the same situation. You see, you can't call the unemployment office (no one is available) and you can't email them. Believe me, I have tried and it’s been over two weeks and no one has bothered to respond to my email request, even though they acknowledge that I am in the queue.

I was forced to contact my state representative (Timothy Hill), and they have delayed me for another two weeks with no help. I reached out today to state Sen. Jon Lundberg, and they are telling me the same story as Mr. Hill's office.

Again, I understand the grave situation, but have one little issue which has stopped me from entering my claim. I am asking for some assistance, that's all!

I am 61, working all my life and have never tried to collect Tennessee unemployment.


See you in June

I am planning on continuing my own semi-lockdown until June 1. Without any enforcement of the guidelines all of us are on our own against the world, which I am not prepared to do.

There is an adage that says, “Never be the guinea pig,” so I think I’ll let someone else test all the so-called safety precautions. I believe I’ll just stick it out for a while until the dust really does seem to settle.

Don’t misunderstand me, please. I’m not a happy camper, but I’ll take being a live un-happy camper, anytime. Cabin fever is not lethal. And when the time comes, finally eating out, for instance, forget the gym or the theater, there will be a Plan B and Plan C, just in case I am not satisfied with the surroundings.

I appreciate the urgency. I don’t have to go to work and I feel for a lot of people who are forced back into combat to earn a living.

There will be plenty of un-learned lessons from all this, which is sad. But in the era of new-normal-social-media outrage any store or restaurant that doesn’t toe the line will be hammered harder than they ever imagined.

I wish everyone good luck and good health, always.

Johnson City

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