Letters: Should Tennessee allow mail-in voting?

Johnson City Press • Apr 12, 2020 at 6:00 AM

With Monday’s Question of the Week, we asked readers if they believed our state should institute voting by mail or online. Here are some of the responses we received.

Voter fraud is a strawman

Citizens should be allowed to vote by mail and through the internet with a secure website if they wish. Everything else is online now with secure personal identification transmitted, why not a vote? Even go one step further and require voting at the national level or be subject to a small election tax similar to the $3 option for the election fund on your tax return.

Some say this will lead to voter fraud. Fake news for sure with little or no recent evidence that any election has been altered due to fraud.

Seems like one party, one demographic group, one network and our president like to promote voter fraud to question an outcome or when one of their candidates does not win, even established a commission to investigate (no evidence found) while eliminating the Pandemic Disease Division, smart move for sure?

Talk about voter fraud, it's when our legal citizens are disenfranchised from their right to vote with extra hurdles. We need to encourage all American citizens to vote and make it easier not harder with red tape to register and the long lines to vote.

Unfortunately, the largest voter demographic group in the United States are the ones who don't vote.


Money would have too much influence

Delay the election if necessary.

Democrats funded by people like George Soros would have factories printing fake ballots within 24 hours. Voting by mail is not a good idea.


Voting should be easier

I am in favor of measures which will provide opportunities for the greatest number of eligible voters the easiest path to casting their ballots. Any manner of programs such as universal ability to vote by mail is among the best ideas.

I was stationed overseas with the USAF for 17 years, and the question of voter fraud never came up that I recall. If we can do banking and stock transactions on a computer or smartphone, voting by mail seems quite elementary.

Actually, I am less fearful of voter fraud and am more concerned about the reasons why someone would not support such a program. In the April 5th issue of the Press, there was an Associated Press article on page B5 titled “Boosting of mail-in voting draws fire” in which it was reported that President “Trump opposes voting by mail and is leading Republicans in a battle to limit its use, arguing that it would encourage fraud and lead to so many people voting that his party could not win.”

It seems that our democracy depends on people voting and the parties putting together platforms and policies which reflect the citizenry, not tailoring the voter pool to suit the particular policies of any one party. Put a good program together and let the voters decide! Anything else is the true election fraud.

Johnson City

Mail-in voting now

Several western states already vote by mail and have none of the fraud or security issues the GOP would have people believe is very common.

The truth of the matter is, and was recently confirmed by Trump himself, the GOP does not have the numbers to be a majority party unless the GOP suppresses the Democratic voters. Their bag of tricks includes cries of voter fraud and gerrymandering.

Tennessee should immediately implement voting by mail.

Fall Branch

Virus might still be around

I vote yes, with the chance that the COVID-19 virus might still be with us and the recent news that there might possibly be a second, smaller wave of the virus to come.

I believe that allowing people to vote by mail would be the safest way for people to vote. This pandemic should not be used by either party to gain political points, or positions.

Every American deserves the right to cast their ballot. And when emergencies occur such as what is happening now, every effort needs to be made to ensure that our elections go on. If not, then the U.S. will become like the dictator-controlled nations who either have no elections or have their elections rigged to favor a particular person or group.

Johnson City

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