Letters: Searching for guidance

Johnson City Press • Apr 10, 2020 at 6:00 AM

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Searching for guidance

It is painfully clear and sad in this uncertain time of crisis caused by COVID-19, the U.S. does not have a lucid and qualified leader. President Trump’s ignorance, incompetence and narcissism allowed COVID-19 to get out of control within our borders ravaging hundreds of thousands of American lives.

Trump early in his presidency got rid of a directorate on preparing for pandemics. His disastrous decision to abolish this directorate shows he does not have the capacity, willingness or forethought to safeguard our nation and people. This is frightening and unforgivable!

Data on the virus was coming out of China in December 2019. Trump could have had an early start on preparing for the virus. Instead, he chose to ignore data, calling it a Democratic hoax. He continued with this same rhetoric in his rallies, on TV and public addresses.

He had to set fires of discontent under his admiring supporters. He could not waste any time indoctrinating his supporters for the upcoming election.

Meanwhile, in the state of Washington, a different fire, virus, was burning and eventually spread to what we contend with today. Had the president heeded the warning signs, many lives could have been saved.

It is difficult to digest how slow the Trump administration responded to this crisis. But good old truthful journalism, the painstaking work of our governors and mayors, and public safety made this administration take serious action. There still are not enough test kits, ventilators, and protective equipment.

Trump is now trying to shift blame onto the states for not being prepared. He believes governors are exaggerating their needs. He just can’t comprehend the need for vital equipment to save lives.

Our nation needs strong guidance and someone to pull our country together. Trump is not up to this task. He should resign.


Church goes beyond the building

Our church will not meet this week, but let it be known that we will never cancel.

We will continue to pray for each other. We will continue to lift praises to God with our voices and in our prayers. We will come together in the world of social media and ponder the scripture and we will participate in celebration of communion.

We will not gather in a building together, but nevertheless our families will gather with the greater family of the church and we will be the church. We will be online, but we will be together.

Someone observed simply, “the church has left the building.” The church outside the building is alive and well! The life of the church is not marked by a simple hour each week, but is instead measured by our living the love and grace of God every moment of every day.

Let the community know that as the church we seek not to blame, nor do we cower in fear and we will not ignore the suffering. The true church is here to serve and to respect the needs of our community. The church seeks to care for each other and in turn to model for all the Love of a savior for the world. The church will not meet this week but let it be known … our life as a church has not been canceled.

DAVID CLARK, Minister, Boones Creek Christian
Johnson City

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