Letters: I just hope this goes away

Johnson City Press • Apr 3, 2020 at 6:00 AM

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I just hope this goes away

Ever since the coronavirus was heard about, it’s all anyone would talk about. Everyone in my class would say they were going to get it and if you didn’t wash your hands you would get it.

We weren’t really worrying about it because the virus wasn’t near us yet. Personally, my joke was about the toilet paper bandits stealing all of the toilet paper.

Then the virus got to Tennessee. Our whole class got into a debate whether we would close or not. Sure enough, Gov. Bill Lee wanted all schools to close until April 6.

We had to take all of our stuff home and had to do lessons at home. I’d honestly do work at school instead of home, because you don’t have so many things taunting you since you can’t play or do them.

All of the assignments I do are just put in a folder and never seen again. I’m starting to wonder if we are doing this for nothing because a week after, we got a text saying we would continue being out until April 24 and it’s not looking so good.

A lot of places are closed including restaurants which only do take-outs and drive-thrus. The grocery store is always packed to the brim and all the toilet paper is gone.

My mom keeps saying we probably won’t go back to school. I really hope things get better but as of right now, it’s not looking so good.

I think people are taking this a little too far but I understand it’s a precaution. I just hope this thing goes away, because I’m stuck at home and want to go places. I just hope everyone stays safe and healthy.


Hurt feelings shouldn’t hold up virus aid

At a recent White House briefing, the president admitted to ordering the vice president, the person in charge of the federal government's COVID-19 response, to ignore governors of certain states if those governors refused to "be appreciative" toward the president. In other words, if your state's governor does not play along and fulfill whatever political favors the president expects, the people of your state might pay the price and not get some of the aid they desperately need to address a crisis.

Hmmmm ... this sounds very familiar ... and it should! It's the same pattern of behavior outlined in the Abuse of Power charge for which Donald J. Trump was impeached once already. Ukraine, an ally of the United States, desperate for aid to defend their citizens against Russian aggression, came to us in a time of crisis and Trump held their country hostage by withholding congressionally-approved support, all because Trump wanted their leader to do him a personal political favor. Now the people of Michigan and Washington find themselves in the same boat as Ukraine; they should heed the gravity of Trump threatening to withhold aid, as he got away with it the last time.


Leash your sandwich bandits

Sunday afternoon, I spent some time in Founders Park.

I saw at least three dogs running free. One of them almost snatched food from a little girl's hand.

It seems like a good idea for signs to be placed in the parks advising and reminding dog owners that we have a leash law in Tennessee and that there is a dog park for their use.

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