Letters: The pandemic will pass

Johnson City Press • Mar 29, 2020 at 6:00 AM

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The pandemic will pass

In 1952 I was quarantined for a considerable amount of time because I contacted the polio virus.

The headache and leg pains were almost unbearable. My friend next door helped me to walk to and from school for several days. Without his help I couldn’t have made it. I didn’t want to tell my parents because I was afraid I would be taken out of school. So, for several days he and I walked a mile each way to school on a road that seemed to always run uphill both ways.

Being quarantined and unable to talk to anyone is not a very pleasant experience for a kid. But the physical therapy to get my legs working again helped me get through that part of the experience.

I remember a few years later while practicing sports in school, I heard a parent say, “That is the boy who wasn’t supposed to walk again.” Thank God they were wrong.

This pandemic we are experiencing now will go away one of these days and we will talk about it like it was a road that always ran up hill in both directions. God bless all of you out there and please take care of yourself.


Every dark cloud has a silver lining

For a bit over a week as I write this, I have been trying to “flatten the curve” by social spaciousness, which I think is a more positive term than the more popular “social distancing.” Friendships have been renewed over the telephone; I have so enjoyed the wise words of friends. People who know me know I love to try new adventures in the kitchen. Something I’ll try again is a bologna with asiago pimento cheese sandwich on white toast. Not the healthiest thing, I’ll admit, but it falls into the “comfort food” category.

I think of this as a dark time in the United States, and indeed, the world. This is spring, the season for much planting. We plant seeds in dirt, and cover them with more dirt, to complete the planting. If seeds could speak, I doubt they would like the dark, the unknown. But they need the cover of darkness, of dirt, to do their best work, which is to sprout and produce their abundance. They also need nourishment, mainly in the form of water. We can learn much from the seeds and consider this a time to better and nourish ourselves, to check on friends, neighbors and relatives, as we’ve been encouraged to do.

The Bible tells us to “Fear not” more than 350 times. These words are easy to say, but can be a challenge to practice. During these times that are challenging in many ways, I cling to those words.

Johnson City

The virus hates our freedom

At the end of the coronavirus tunnel, where do I go to get my freedom back?

As Benjamin Franklin said, “They who give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety,” and I would add will lose both.

Bluff City

Trump is dangerous

When will the members of the administration gather the patriotism and courage to remove our criminally corrupt and insane president for being obviously “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office,” as the Constitution provides for in Amendment 25. A few more weeks under him, and millions of Americans will die needlessly.


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