Letters: Shoot down no-permit carry

Johnson City Press • Mar 20, 2020 at 6:00 AM

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Shoot down no-permit carry

SB2671/HB2817 passed two committees and will be on the floor to allow no permit, open carry gun laws in Tennessee.

These will exempt background checks for gun ownership. Allowing untrained persons to carry dangerous firearms without the benefit of training will enable many more gun tragedies and senseless accidents that qualified gun trainers teach gun owners how to avoid.

No permit carrying is limited to the state that it is allowed in only, and permits are required to carry a Tennessee-owned gun to another state. The new added burdens to law enforcement cannot be understated.

It is simply a welcome mat to cartel members and gangs to enter the public "no permit, no problem" and is another dumbed-down way to allow persons who are unable to obtain a legal permit for reasons of criminal history or mental disturbance to gain access to firearms. Please email your Tennessee state legislator and senator to oppose these dangerous bills.


Darden for Congress

Although I live elsewhere, I am a Johnson City boy deep in my heart. When I heard that Stephen Darden was running for Congress in our old district, I broke out into a great big smile. This is where Steve belongs.

I have known Steve Darden and his family for decades and, believe me, there is no finer, more qualified person to represent the needs of our district in the U.S. Congress than Steve. In his work as a lawyer, as a member of many organizations and as a community leader he has proven that he has an ear for everyone and anyone, and a solution for the most complex of problems. He gets things done well and fairly.

Steve has my full support. I hope he has yours.

New York, N.Y.

Looking for a new lawman

We need a new sheriff in Washington County. Sheriff Ed Graybeal needs to retire.

It is difficult to reach him by phone and if you do and leave him a message, he will not return your call.

We need a sheriff that will keep in touch with the citizens of Washington County.

Our whole local law enforcement needs to greatly improve and be able to assist better when we call 911. We need term limits.

Johnson City

Save the Stars and Stripes

It has recently come to my attention that the federal government is planning to defund the armed forces’ newspaper, Stars and Stripes.

As the daughter of a naval officer in the Second World War, the wife of an Army lieutenant in the Korean War, the granddaughter of a soldier who was wounded in the First World War and the granddaughter of the newspaper man who was the first editor, founder and officer in charge of the Stars and Stripes as the newspaper for, by and about the enlisted men of the armed forces, I am contacting as many people as possible to get them to write their congressmen and women imploring them to reconsider.

Most servicemen and women know the newspaper, have enjoyed it and look forward to receiving it — even in this day of the internet there are places where only a printed edition is available.

If you are or have been a member of the armed forces and want future members of the military to continue to enjoy the Stars and Stripes I hope you will join me in letting Defense Secretary Mark Esper, Congressman Phil Roe and Sen. Lamar Alexander that the funding for Stars and Stripes is miniscule in the overall Defense Department budget.

Keep Stars and Stripes for the enlisted men and women.


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