Letters: Wasting time in Nashville

Johnson City Press • Mar 1, 2020 at 6:00 AM

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Wasting time in Nashville

Let’s see, having a census for unborn children, rescinding the hands-free law, and a bill declaring CNN and the Washington Post are “fake news”.

If there is a census for unborn children, will a miscarriage have to be reported after the census? The hands-free law limiting “fundamental liberty”? I guess speed limits do the same. As for the resolution declaring CNN and Washington Post as “fake news”? How about a resolution to declare Trump as “fake news”? Trump by all measures, and supported by many fact-checkers, has told more lies and falsehoods than anyone.

Is our area the only place in Tennessee that has legislators proposing ridiculous laws or resolutions? We must be the laughingstock.

To our legislators, I say get serious and do something helpful instead of wasting time and resources on phony issues.


Keep government out of media

I am writing this letter in reference to the resolution recently proposed by Micah Van Huss. He asks that the state of Tennessee recognize CNN and The Washington Post as "fake news."

First, I do not think it is the responsibility or right of an elected government body to declare that any news agency is the media wing of any party, nor is it the government’s right to tell their constituents what to believe or disbelieve.

I personally believe that most people are intelligent enough to decide for themselves what to believe. We certainly do not need more government resolutions to tell us what to or how to think. We have the right to decide for ourselves.

The First Amendment clearly states freedom of the press.

Second, I think our elected officials have many important issues to decide upon without shameful and wasteful time, energy and money spent on telling their constituents what to think. If this is what our elected officials really believe is important, then it is time to replace them.

Johnson City

Tougher shoplifting rule hurts poor

Who would think the answer to shoplifting is to spend $35,000 a year to put someone in jail?

We cannot arrest our way out of poverty, mental illness, and addiction. Two out of the three require medical treatment.

Let's think along those lines and stop these epidemics.


Keep hands-free law

In reference to an article in Sunday's JC Press, what is this elected official thinking who introduced SB 1751? Is he a bit inconvenienced while driving back and forth to Nashville? I’m against SB 1751.

HB 2290 is the TN house version, of similar or same legislation, introduced by another East Tennessee representative. About two months ago, I had a vehicle slide uphill a car’s length past the stop bar at an intersection when the traffic light was red in their lane. The driver was on their cell phone.

My job takes me on the road quite a bit, so I get a good representation of what is going on on the road. When the “hands-free” law first went into effect last year, I noticed very few people using a cell phone while driving. I’ve noticed two to three months after the law went in to effect, the cell phone use while driving began to increase again. I urge your readers to contact their state elected officials and voice their opinion. I have done so myself.

I appreciate Johnson City Press's stance on this issues.

Johnson City

Fake news is fake resolution

The fact that state Representative Van Huss is considering declaring CNN and the Washington Post fake news is very frightening and should concern everyone. The term fake news is used to keep people from believing anything they hear, even if it’s the provable truth, much like our president does. “Believe what I tell you, not what is really true.”

We as a democratic republic are in danger of losing our democracy if we allow this type of deception to occur.

Piney Flats