Letters: Property assessor primary

Johnson City Press • Feb 21, 2020 at 5:00 AM

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Buckingham is good boss

My name is Chad Hooks. I am the Pastor of Christ Fellowship Bible Church in Johnson City. I also work full time as a deputy assessor for the Washington County Property Assessor's Office and have been employed with the county for 12 years; 10 of those years for the current assessor, Scott Buckingham.

Scott has been a blessing to me and my family and a great person to work for. He truly cares for his employees and the citizens of Washington County. Assessing property is a difficult task when you care about the welfare of each taxpayer. It would be easy to assess property based on personal relationships or favoritism, but our office under the direction and supervision of the assessor goes through the process of using sales data to reach a fair market value.

Every citizen of Washington County can be assured that the assessor and his staff work hard in serving our great county. There has never been a deaf ear turned to anyone who came in our office with a question about his or her value. We love to be of help. I will proudly cast my vote for Scott Buckingham for property assessor of Washington County in the upcoming 2020 election.


Buckingham: A serious candidate

It is my pleasure to endorse Scott Buckingham for property assessor of Washington County Tennessee. Scott has been in this position for a decade. He has always maintained an open door policy to hear concerns from his constituents. Any of his 11 capable employees are also able to sit and discuss concerns with property holders.

During his tenure as property assessor, many cutting-edge changes have been made in the way assessments are conducted. Computer software has been updated by the state to be used in the process of final assessment of properties. The property assessor has clear, concise parameters and criteria to follow as each property is researched. The final results are input into a regulated computer system which is the final step to conclude the property value.

Scott took an opportunity on Feb. 11 at the Republican luncheon to address false accusations of conflict of interest, simply because before he even considered this position he happened to be a builder. Scott faced these accusations head on by introducing the current builder of Buckingham construction. Ethan Buckingham, his younger son, has taken the torch and relieved Scott of all aspects of construction projects.

Scott takes his position seriously and is eager to continue to pursue all avenues at his disposal to deliver fair and accurate assessments of our properties.

Please join me in continuity of leadership by Scott Buckingham as Washington County property assessor!

Johnson City

Tune out Ford’s attack ads

Dale Ford has entered the election for property assessor. I am offended by his negative ad stating “Make assessor honest and fair again.” Seems he is insinuating that Mr. Buckingham isn’t honest and fair.

When Dale Ford was our state representative, he used a stick to press a button to cast a vote in place of a colleague who was absent. Evidently that wasn’t against the law, but was unethical.

I am satisfied Mr. Buckingham has been “honest and fair” as our property assessor.


Outside support for Buckingham

As a professional real estate appraiser, I would like to ask the people of Washington County to return Scott Buckingham to office.

Although I do not actually live in Washington County, about 50% of my work is in Washington County. You are fortunate that Scott has his office running strong and more importantly, their records are correct and up to date. Needless to say, that is extremely important in my business, that my documentation is correct. Mine are correct because the Washington County property assessor's data is correct.

Any time I visit that office I have always been met with professionalism and courtesy. I have always heard if it ain't broke don't go trying to fix it. The people of Washington County can rest assured that their property assessor's office is under sound leadership and doesn't need fixing. Vote for Scott.