Letters: Gun control is Dems’ MO

Johnson City Press • Jan 31, 2020 at 12:00 AM

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Gun control is Dems’ MO

The Second Amendment is a shield against the sword of tyrannical government, and it “shall not be infringed.” The Democrat-Socialist-Progressive Party demands “commonsense” government-controlled permissions — revocable privileges, like a driver’s license. Unacceptable.

The Democrats’ hysterical stereotyping regarding the Richmond gun rights rally is illustrative of how Progressives create or exploit a crisis to justify tyrannical “commonsense” infringement of the Second Amendment. How very Democrat: proclaim political opponents dangerous to justify the restrictions: Northam banned guns. Tens of thousands of gun owners showed up with guns anyway, but all was peaceful, because 99.99% of gun owners are peaceful.

Government once had no presumption of lawless use of guns or fear of an armed citizenry. Post World War II, the U.S. government sold millions of surplus semi-automatic “weapons of war” to the public. The 1940s M1 Carbine and the AR magazine capacity is 30 rounds. Don’t expect Dems to acknowledge that inconvenient fact.

What changed is the Progressives’ appetite for manipulating the Constitution to expand power to pick winners and losers. Everywhere Democrats run a blue state government, they infringe the Second Amendment, but tolerate no infringement of abortion (one example).

In 2012, Bloomberg bought the legislature for the Dems in formerly red Colorado; Dems enacted onerous gun laws despite the sheriffs’ announcement in advance they would not enforce. Dems passed them anyway; now formerly red Virginia. Do not believe for one minute that Tennessee gun rights are safe.

Democrats did not anticipate that smart gun owners would use a Democrat tactic — sanctuary cities and counties — to protect gun owners. That’s a delicious irony that Tennesseans need to exploit.


I’m pro-life and pro-choice

When we leave the heated arguments and try to think objectively and compassionately, I wonder how many others share my concern about two related items I received today. One on Page A7 in today’s JC Press (Jan. 25) and the other in my inbox sent by a friend. The newspaper had a lengthy article about President Trump‘s address to the anti-abortion group currently marching in the capital and the other Representative Roe’s current letter to his supporters and the 30-plus years he spent delivering precious and beautiful babies.

They each claim to be pro-life. But I did not see one word about what happened to either the baby or the mother once those babies were delivered. The ones born into such abject poverty there was not enough food, shelter or clothing for even minimal survival. The ones born into abusive families to be beaten themselves. The ones born into drug-abusing families, including the mother. The ones born to young girls who are not even out of childhood themselves. The ones born into gross neglect either through need or little knowledge how to care for a child. Some of the bills that have been presented have even sought to punish the mother as though she alone created this pregnancy.

I, too, am a Christian and also pro-life as well as pro-choice. I believe life is about more than birthing a baby. These are not easy choices. I once read and heard speak an ethicist who said, “sometimes there are only tragic choices.” Please, may we consider the outcome of our choices.

Johnson City

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