Letters: Where have all the statesmen gone?

Johnson City Press • Jan 10, 2020 at 6:00 AM

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Where have all the statesmen gone?

Phil Roe has never represented my interests in Congress. He represents the Republican Party and Trump. These have damaged our environment and much more, made it more difficult for the middle and lower class, and made the country a joke, a threat, and an unstable ally in the world. I am disenfranchised, as are many, many Americans.

In our current version of democracy, the loser of the majority vote can win (twice in 20 years), and representatives and congressmen vote along party lines. The White House encourages and exploits divisions among Americans. Compromise and polite disagreement are long gone. There are no more statesmen, as was common prior to 2000. Honesty is losing to the nonsense of "fake news" by those who wish to deny truth and take responsibility for their actions.

Johnson City

Do what’s right, Sen. Alexander

Your service to both our state as a governor and educator and to our country as a United States senator has been exemplary. You should serve as an example for all to follow!

With the upcoming impeachment trial of our president, act as to what is right for America and not right for the Republican Party and vote to grant the additional witnesses the Democratic Party has requested who all are fact witnesses and “in the loop” per previous testimonies provided. Regardless of the outcome, the American public has the right to know the actions of our president, legal, illegal, ethical or unethical to better inform them at the ballot box.

Please don’t taint your excellent record by caving to party. It’s time to cement your legacy as a true statesman with your Howard Baker moment.



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