Letters: Some choice words for Congress

Johnson City Press • Dec 27, 2019 at 6:00 AM

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Sweep Roe out

I feel the Congressman should step down. He has been in too long.

We need term limits for all elected officials. That is what is wrong with our country now. We need to clean house every four or eight years.

These people are making careers on making life easy for themselves and not thinking about helping us senior citizens.

Johnson City

A letter to Congress

When you are about to go to bed, go into your bathroom, close the door, sit in front of the mirror. Look into the mirror, and ask yourself what you see.

Do you see someone who is living up to the oath of office? Do you see someone who is looking after the best interests of the country? Do you see someone whose integrity is beyond question? Do you see someone loyal to the United States, or someone loyal to a political party? Do you see someone you can be proud of? Do you see a representative of the greater good, or a pawn of special interests? Do you see someone concerned with the long term good of the republic, or someone whose timeline is the next election?

About 240 years ago, George Washington warned about political parties. His concern was that the party would acquire more and more power at the expense of the individual, to the danger of the country itself. Loyalty to party would be divisive and a threat to democracy. Is there any doubt that that is precisely where we are?

My question is, where are you? What did you see?


Remember your oaths

Congressman Roe, we watched your statement on the House floor on Wednesday and received your e-letter titled "A Shameful Day in the House of Representatives."

The things that were shameful about Wednesday — in our opinion — was yours (and every other Republican member's) complacency in Donald Trump's unlawful behavior, your failure to defend the U.S. Constitution to which you swore your commitment and the disgusting (and continuous) commitment to distract from the true situation by blaming the other party — in your case for everything.

Let's face the facts. The occupant of the White House has conducted himself in a fashion that bloats that he is above the law and encourages others at his rallies to do the same. There are at least a half dozen additional actions on his part that are impeachable offenses, which neither the majority or minority parties have acted upon. This is what is shameful. Both parties have grown stronger and stronger in their commitments to their party-over-the-country actions. (Of course, this cancerous situation is the reason why we and the majority of the registered voters in this country are not affiliated with either of the parties.)

No one is above the law. Shame on you and every other member of Congress who are not doing their job, not fulfilling your oath and enabling the criminal in the White House.

November cannot come soon enough.


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