Letters: Should Roe run again?

Johnson City Press • Dec 15, 2019 at 6:00 AM

We asked with Monday’s Question of the Week if Rep. Phil Roe should seek a seventh term. Here are some of the responses we received.

Retire with dignity

Congressman Roe is an example of a principled person who once elected to office appears to have compromised his ideals in the interest of his chosen political party and why our country needs term limits.

When the congressman initially ran for office, he indicated that his goal was to go to Washington to try to fix health care. While he has done some good work for our veterans and should be applauded, he and the rest of the Republican Party have no plan or answer for the real problem. The private sector can't price a health insurance product that persons who don't have employer-provided coverage can afford without some type of government assistance — either premium or carrier reinsurance similar to the National Flood Insurance Program.

Anybody who actually read the Mueller report with an open mind and has followed the most recent developments with any type of nonpartisan reasoning, would have to question some of the actions of our president and his cabinet. "Fox News Phil" with his most recent statements is in denial and cover with the rest of the Republican Party. What if Obama committed these acts? No Howard Bakers left for sure!

With the advent of cable news some in our nation, including our elected officials, have become "tribal" as to common good and reasoning in favor of their party over country. Congressman Roe who appears to be a "good man" is one of these. Time to retire with some dignity left.


He’s a strong candidate

We need Congressman Roe to run in 2020! He has been and will continue to be a strong and righteous voice for the 1st District.

Johnson City

He should limit himself

I have appreciated Dr. Roe’s service in our nation’s capital and believe he’s done an outstanding job. He is honorable, conservative and compassionate. That being said, I believe it’s time for someone new, preferably someone he can support and train to take over for him.

I am a strong supporter of term limits and wish Congress would impose such limits on themselves. I don’t think our founders ever envisioned career politicians as we have now. Living in such an environment so far removed from the everyday normalcy most Americans live in skews their understanding of life.

Washington is a toxic place full of power-hungry people and power corrupts good people. Better to “get out of Dodge” with your mind and integrity still working for you!

President Trump made term limits one of his campaign talking points and it’s time we demand action on it. Representative Roe can help lead by example to champion this cause. He has served us well and I wish only the best for him.

Johnson City

We need new blood

Representative Roe said when he first ran that he’d never become a professional politician. He said he’d not run more than four terms. He did.

It’s time for him to leave and for the 1st District to get some new blood in to face the very real threats we face here. He has served well, but too long. Time to go!


It’s been too long

I would vote no on his reelection for the following reasons:

He does not want to meet with all voters; he feels it is dangerous, such as the incident at Carnegie Hotel.

His call-in question night seems to discriminate based on party or subject matter or veteran matters. I tried three times and they will not let me ask a question.

Too many years served, and he should open up the position to others.


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