Letters: 911 is a priority

Johnson City Press • Dec 13, 2019 at 6:00 AM

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911 is a priority

Have you ever needed 911 in the town of Unicoi? 911 is very important to the town residents. However, Johnny Lynch has failed to pay the town’s fair share of 911 for several years. He is now being called to Nashville to explain why. But residents should want to know why as well.

The mayor can afford to have the Harvest Kitchen lose over $100,000 a year, have a caboose put next to the welcome center, which is not even a Clinchfield caboose, and have a policeman for the town.

It seems to me that Johnny Lynch has his priorities wrong. He does not have the residents in mind. There needs to be a change.


Trump’s not a problem-solver

After observing President Trump's governing style, I have come to the conclusion that he does this by avoiding solving the problems that excite his base.

For example, with the immigration problem by not accepting any legislation which would have solved the situation. He is now complaining that he has not seen any legislation that he could sign. The truth is that he is never going to sign any legislation into law that will calm his base.

He needs these problems have to remain unsolved, because when these problems are solved, his base would see him worts and all. He would not be acceptable anymore by his base.

When his polls start to show that his poll numbers are in danger of going down among the evangelical Christians, he does something for Israel. I agree with what he is doing for Israel, but feel uncomfortable about his motives.

God looks on the heart at the reason why we do the things we do, not at the results.

Johnson City

Humbled by generosity

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the person who anonymously picked up the tab for our entire crew at Amigos restaurant on Dec 11.

I along with the crew of Engine 5 and Truck 5 are humbled by this person’s generosity toward a group of people they did not even know.

Merry Christmas whoever you are.

Johnson City

Bowers was an influencer

Thank you for the piece in Monday's (Nov. 18) edition about John Bowers. It was nice to see him still up and around and visiting Johnson City. I'm sorry I did not get a chance to say “hello.”

I had the pleasure of being in his Basler class in '97. Whatever readers may think of my columns, I thank John Bowers as probably one of the top influences on a younger want-to-be author. I still can't believe that class was 20-years ago! I must be getting old.

I have a photograph of our group and while I don't remember names I do remember lots of enthusiasm and talent. There are few of us still around and I hope they remember our creative non-fiction class with John Bowers with some affection.

Johnson City

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