Letters: MLB's decision is about money

Johnson City Press • Dec 8, 2019 at 6:00 AM

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MLB’s decision is about money

MLB is all about the money, they could care less that many of these 42 communities (upon their requests and demands), have gone in the hole financially. Of course these 42 teams are great for the communities, the young kids and baseball.

Getting rid of these teams would only deter baseball as a consideration of the sport to play and be a fan of for many thousands of children. This would also cause a bitterness among the adults toward MLB.

Do they want to grow the game and gain more fans or lose them? It is a no-brainer for MLB, that is unless it is only all about the money to them.


Don’t dishonor Cordell Hull

I am sure that naming anything after Winfield Dunn would never fly in East Tennessee even among the most die-hard Republicans.

First of all, Dunn was not a native Tennessean but born in Mississippi, whereas Hull was a native Tennessee son. Also, the accomplishments of Hull far outweigh anything that Dunn accomplished.

The only flaw with Hull in some folks’ eyes was he belonged to the Democrat Party and was liberal. He was an ally of FDR on an income tax and the formation of the United Nations. As for myself, I am definitely not a fan of FDR’s policies or the United Nations or today’s Democratic Party. One should remember that was the original Democrat Party and not this socialist/leftist group that poses as the Democratic Party today.

Cordell Hull has to rank as one of the greatest sons from Tennessee. He was straight to the point on any situation. If you have the time, read how he responded to the Japanese before the start of WWII.

Put your party affiliation’s aside and let your elected representatives know you are against this proposed renaming of the Cordell Hull Building. Personally I am conservative and vote Republican, but to change the Cordell Hull Building’s name to Winfield Dunn would be an insult to not only Hull and his descendants but the state of Tennessee.


We saved the Seagrave

On behalf of the Johnson City Fire Department and the Johnson City Firefighters Association L-1791, I would like to thank everyone for their continued support of our Save the Seagrave campaign.

This support has culminated in the restoration of Johnson City Fire Department's 1928 Seagrave fire truck. Many hands have touched this project with over 1,000 hours invested over the past year. Support has come in many forms from monetary and material donations to the giving of time and best wishes.

We look forward to the many public education and special events the Seagrave will now take part. Thank you again to everyone that has played a part in making this historical venture possible.

Johnson City

We need green space

Hello. I am a Johnson City resident living in Highland Parc subdivision (less than one mile from the Keefauver Farm).

The purpose of this email is to voice my support of the continuation of Johnson City's maintenance of the Keefauver Farm and ultimate development of a park as originally intended. A nearby designated green space for the residents of this area is very much needed.

Johnson City

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