Letters: Roe hears no evil, speaks no evil

Johnson City Press • Nov 29, 2019 at 6:00 AM

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Roe hears no evil, speaks no evil

In the Nov. 22 issue of the Press, I was surprised to read Congressman Roe's reaction to the congressional impeachment hearings, which he described as a "charade," nothing but a political game.

In fact, 12 nonpartisan witnesses, several of whom were the president's own appointees, as well as foreign policy experts who had served under both Republican and Democratic presidents, testified under oath that the president had indeed withheld financial and military aid to a Ukraine under Russian attack unless the government of the Ukraine did the president a political favor.

Is not such a political demand placing one's own personal interest above that of the national interest of the United States? Surely what happened was a flagrant abuse of presidential power. Are we not pledged to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States? It is my hope that all elected officials, and above all the president, remember that pledge.


Roe removed from facts

Regarding Friday’s paper, perhaps you should have put the factual recitation of what transpired in the House impeachment hearings on the front page and Phil Roe’s discredited Republican talking points on the op-ed page where they belonged.

Any halfway intelligent reader would have noticed the glaring disparity between Roe’s mediocre interview and the actual facts.

And oh, by the way, the House has passed 569 bills that the Senate has not acted upon. So much for another of Phil’s talking points. I often wonder if the man is actually in Washington doing anything or just drawing a paycheck from us.

Johnson City

No one is above law

Once again, Representative Roe’s comments must be challenged.

This time about the impeachment inquiry being a “charade.” Let me remind Dr. Roe that his district is made up of Democrats, independents and Republicans.

As someone who has tuned in to the proceedings, the evidence presented by nonpartisan witnesses has been overwhelming. We could have more evidence, but the White House and State Department have decided that would reveal too much.

To the statement that it is “unbelievable what we are doing this to the president,” I can only say, thank you Congress! Some of you are upholding the Constitution and exposing the lies, corruption and illegal acts for which this administration needs to be held accountable. The reason it appears so partisan is because one side is dealing with reality while the other side is not. That is not an opinion, but a fact. It should be frightening to all of us that so many Republicans are willing to forego their reputations and risk our democratic republic for Donald Trump.

This is the U.S.A. where the rule of law matters, especially for those in power. They must be held accountable for breaking the law, and that is what this president has done. It is illegal to solicit help from a foreign government in our elections. Representative Roe is being disingenuous and committing a disservice to his constituents by implying that the president’s behavior is legal, because it is not! Attempting to commit a crime is still a crime.

Citizens of District 1, do you really want to live in a country where the president of either party can do whatever he wants for his or her personal gain? Would Representative Roe believe impeachment is a “charade” if the shoe was on the other foot?