Letters: Don't buy into the shopping season

Johnson City Press • Nov 24, 2019 at 6:00 AM

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Don’t buy into the shopping season

With the coming approach of Black Friday, I implore your readers and the community at large to reconsider participating in the shopping extravaganzas and hyper consumerism associated with the holidays.

Instead of standing in line at a big box retailer, why not participate in an environmental action or climate strike event for the planet? We need to ask ourselves, how are we entitled to our great share of the world’s goods and resources without regard to the planet and our finite resources, with no regard to perpetual growth and profits?

Many scientists question the ability to deal with the climate crisis, much less the overall planetary ecological emergency, in an effective way while conforming to the pressure and logic of a globalized capitalist economy. Corporate capitalism or fossil capitalism with infinite growth and the continued pursuit of profits ultimately are incompatible with a sustainable environment and a livable planet.

The climate crisis facing us is unprecedented, as we are now veering toward an uninhabitable Earth stripping away lives and livelihoods, while extractive capitalism rolls on unabated. The young teenager from Sweden, Greta Thunberg, reminded us all recently that climate change is bigger than capitalism while assailing world leaders to “Listen to the Scientists” and urged us all to turn away from capitalism run amok.

Climate change is not a problem whose solution can be put off for a few more decades. We need to challenge the long held belief that unlimited economic growth precludes human advancement as a whole.

What is needed now is a movement away from this system toward a more sustainable system which values human development and disincentivizes exploitive capitalism. Why not focus instead on a new system based on a globalization of generosity, sustainability and empathy doused with a good measure of environmental sanity.

Johnson City

Can’t hide the facts

Having read Rep. Phil Roe’s response in the Johnson City Press to the public airing of the impeachment hearings, I have to think he did not watch it at all.

I saw the president’s handpicked EU Ambassador — he was also a million-dollar donor to the president’s campaign — tell of a plot to force the newly elected president of Ukraine to investigate a citizen of the United States of America that would help our president’s re-election campaign.

The ambassador also named multiple other high-ranking officials at the State Department that were part of the coverup. They got caught, simple as that, no amount of spin can hide the facts, it was a plot that has been verified my multiple nonpartisan witnesses.

A complete and blatant violation of our Constitution, with Russian influence in past elections weakening an already fragile democracy, the fact that this could go unpunished leaves the door open for future administrations to do the same or worse. I guess Phil has more important things to do than defending the Constitution.

Piney Flats

Remembering Langston

My husband and I attended the Saturday night opening of Langston. It, too, was a joyous occasion, full of donors who were enthusiastic in their support of Langston and its renewal. The program was excellent with a mixture of memories and activities.

Our city did a wonderful job in restoring what was left of the old Langston building.

We owe our thanks to the leadership of the city for choosing to do this project.

Personally, I saw many of the graduates I had taught at Science Hill High School.

This was very special to me. I saw and spoke with the Lynn Bachmans, Lottie and Eric Ryans, Pauline Douglas and Georgia Goines. In fact, Georgia found me a seat in the crowded room — right next to her.

Our thanks and appreciation for a wonderful evening!

Johnson City

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