Letters: Roe choked on quid pro quo

Johnson City Press • Nov 8, 2019 at 6:00 AM

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Roe choked on quid pro quo

Phil Roe’s quote in Saturday’s Johnson City Press “There’s no law broken if there was (a quid pro quo),” needs serious questioning.

If the mayor or city manager of Johnson City held up funds approved by the Board of Commissioners, let’s say for regional development, in order to have the Bristol City Council investigate a political rival, I think the citizens of Johnson City would consider this action as not being in the best interest of the city and demand their removal from office.

A good part of the 2016 election was to “drain the swamp;” I think Phil Roe, who has been in Washington for more than 10 years may well be part of the swamp.

Johnson City

It’s abuse of power

Quid pro quo means “this for that.” And Mick Mulvaney is right, it is used all the time in foreign policy, such as "Our country will do something for your country if your country will do something for our country."

For example, "Our country will give your country some aid if your country will help our country catch some terrorists."

But this version is wrong: "Our country will do something for your country if your country helps me personally." For example, "Our country will give your country $420 million in military aid if your country digs up dirt on my political rival."

That is using the office for personal gain. That is abuse of power.

Johnson City

Something did happen

"Nothing ever happened. If there was a quid pro quo, it never occurred."

Guess Roe's talking about a crime; might not be illegal (debatable), but surely isn't ethical.

I assume Roe subscribes to Trump's lawyers' opinion that he can't be prosecuted by any agency, federal, state, or local. About what I'd expect from one who promised only five terms, but reneged when he couldn't quite wean himself from the pomp associated with the D.C. circus.

Johnson City

What are president’s accomplishments?

Mr. Spaller has accused the Johnson City Press and other media of misleading as well as outright false information regarding President Trump. Besides disagreeing with Mr. Spaller that the Johnson City Press has done either, I would like to share some facts with him.

First, President Trump has increased our national debt more than any other President in history. This year alone our debt will go up over $1 trillion! Mr. Spaller, would you take out a credit card in your children's or grandchildren's name and then use it and expect them to pay it? I hope not, but that is exactly what we all have done. By giving large tax cuts to the wealthiest as well as large corporations and spending like a maniac, this is what he has done. I also blame all of Congress for letting this happen. This is why Paul Ryan left government. He was always for a balanced budget, and when he realized that the Republicans as well as the Democrats were not going to attempt to stop him, he got out.

As far as impeachment, President Trump has continued to break the rules as well as the law regarding leading our country. He wants to rule like the rulers of Russia, North Korea, and China. He wants to be a dictator. As a nation, in order to save democracy, he must be stopped.

Lastly, President Trump only improved the relationship with North Korea after he made it much worse. The fact is that nothing has changed with our relationship with them. They continue to lie to us and they continue on their mission to develop nuclear weapons.

Johnson City

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