Letters: City students need schools, too

Johnson City Press • Nov 3, 2019 at 6:00 AM

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City students need schools, too

I would like to voice my opinion about the new county school which is to be built by city taxpayers’ dollars.

I do not want the county school to be built. Washington County just built a K-8 school on the Boones Creek highway.

My children attend LBMS and Towne Acres Elementary schools. Towne Acres is one of the oldest elementary schools left in the city zones. For security purposes, anyone can jump a fence and find entrance due to the layout of pods and multiple doors everywhere. They deserve a new facility too!

With the census statistically proving population decline in Jonesborough and population growth in Johnson City, it is not right to neglect the children in zones where population is growing.

The children in the city zones deserve new schools too. If I have a say where my tax dollars go, I would rather help fund new schools in our area opposed to county schools with a declining population.

Johnson City

Dog ordinance is needed

I want to thank Johnson City for taking proactive steps to protect dogs who live outdoors.

Dogs often suffer or are injured because of chaining. The new Johnson City ordinance will help make sure dogs are provided a proper level of care and lessen the burden on law enforcement in determining a violation. Ultimately, this ordinance will make certain dogs who live outdoors are confined humanely.

Constant, improper chaining puts a dog’s health and safety at risk. Often, their necks become raw and covered with sores, the result of heavy chains, poorly fitted collars and the dogs’ straining to escape confinement. Additionally, it is shockingly common for law enforcement to find dogs with embedded collars, a horrible situation where the collar grows into the skin.

The new ordinance ensures dogs are provided time each day off their chain. Dogs are social animals who thrive on interaction. A dog tethered in one spot can suffer immense psychological damage. The Centers for Disease Control concluded that the dogs most likely to attack are male, unneutered, and chained. Chained dogs are also often the source of nuisance complaints, impacting the quality of life for residents and the officers who respond to these calls.

The vagueness of our state law can create difficulty for officers who want to act before a dog has suffered an injury or death. Often, it is too late for the dog and the owner is facing criminal charges. This ordinance is not an effort to punish violators. It is an attempt to provide officers the ability to take proactive steps to prevent animal suffering and legal trouble for citizens.

Johnson City’s ordinance will help protect dogs without creating an undue hardship for owners and I am grateful for the commissioners’ leadership on this important issue.

Johnson City

Don’t impeach

I do not believe President Trump has done anything that deserves impeachment. This is a continuing example where the media (including the JC press) and Democrats issue misleading and sometimes false information.

President Trump has a legal right to ask Ukraine for help with possible criminal investigations per treaty 106-16 signed by President Clinton in 1998. The media (including this paper) and the Democrats have been calling for impeachment since President Trump was elected.

Why will the media and Democrats not admit that this president has done a terrific job in spite of these attacks? Record low employment, record black and Hispanic employment, tax cuts, booming economy, improved relations with North Korea, working for better trade deals all over the world, ​tough of terrorism, loves America and its men in uniform.

Stop listening to media and Democratic talking heads and look at President Trump’s results.

​Media and Democrats say President Trump in not a truly elected president since he did not win the popular vote. If you remove the votes from L.A. or New York City, President Trump wins the popular vote.

Johnson City

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