Letters: Climate change is bipartisan issue

Johnson City Press • Nov 1, 2019 at 6:00 AM

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Climate change is bipartisan issue

Starting Nov. 4, President Trump is expected to formally begin pulling out of the Paris Agreement.

I believe that this is a mistake, both for our country as a whole and for Tennessee. Many of us remember the flooding caused in recent years by Hurricane Florence and other storms, as well as historic droughts across much of our state.

According to NASA, 97% of scientists agree that climate change is real and caused by fossil fuels.

Shifts in the jet stream helped enable Hurricane Florence to dump so much rain over us and western North Carolina. In the future, as the ocean’s surface warms, most scientists agree that hurricanes will be stronger and travel farther north, potentially harming East Tennessee and other regions that historically haven’t been as impacted by tropical storms.

In short, climate change is already here, and it’s far from a partisan issue. I have friends on both sides of the aisle who support increased investment in renewable energy research and climate science.

Lamar Alexander in his recent 10-point plan acknowledged that climate change is real, and investing in renewables can help grow our economy.

As a member of the UN Association and other student groups, I’ve been honored to collaborate with members of RepublicEn and many other young people from all political persuasions who support action on climate. America has the potential to be a real leader, and we should choose to lead, rather than withdrawing from the world stage.

Johnson City

Today’s heroes are not as super

I recently ran across a CW Network show called “Batwoman.” Now, I understand Batgirl from the old 60s TV series had to grow up. But, after all, the series was just a parody of Bob Kane’s creation, a masked avenger that fights crime when he’s not Bruce Wayne, a millionaire playboy.

Bob Kane said later if he had known what TV was going to do with his Zorro-based character, he would never have agreed to it. But, he also said that when his characters were chosen to make the 1943 and 1948 movie serials, he was disappointed to find they were made on the cheap. He was satisfied with the Michael Keaton movies and extremely satisfied with Christian Bale took over.

But it’s not just Batman. We have Supergirl, which I can see. In the early 50s, DC Comics had Superboy, Superbaby and Superman.

Before that though, we had Captain Marvel, a creation of Whiz Comics from the 30s that beat Superman to the live action format with the release in 1941 of the “Adventures of Captain Marvel,” a 12-chapter play. DC sued, but were not allowed to use the Captain Marvel name in their stories. Theirs was called “Shazam,” which was actually the name of an ancient wise man, for the Billy Batson alter ego. We still have a Shazam character in kids’ movies today.

So, now we also have a female Captain Marvel, plus the parody of the original. That kind of lampoons the whole Whiz Comics portrayal of who Captain Marvel was. Some things are better left in their original state. You’re better off to buy a copy of the 1941 serial and watch what a good adaptation of the Whiz creation is like. But, I guess after all, it’s just fiction, right?


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