Letters: Vaping benefits outweigh risks

Johnson City Press • Oct 27, 2019 at 6:00 AM

With our Question of the Week, we asked readers whether they would continue to use e-cigarettes, event though federal agencies have warned against them. Here is a response we received.

Vaping benefits outweigh risks

I will continue to vape (nicotine use only) as long as legally possible or until I choose to wean myself off. It helps with my breathing, taste buds, and personal odor in comparison to cigarette smoking.

I was a pack a day smoker for years. Now I am not. I have a 1-year-old daughter that doesn't have to grow up around secondhand smoke. I save money, time, and do not have to deal with smokers cough or having severe nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

I know that there are side effects, but in comparison to the cigarette habit I couldn't kick prior to vaping, they are outweighed by the benefits.

I support vaping as a smoking replacement for anyone who is looking for another option.

If you are interested in more information, I have always used Rocky Top Vapor stores here in the Tri-Cities, because they are a legitimate retailer who have been up front, honest, and knowledgeable about all of their products.

Johnson City

Here are letters we received concerning other topics of interest to our readers:

Preserve Ashe Street courthouse

In your recent editorial (Sept. 16) I was pleased to read that the Washington County Commission was searching for a use for the former post office and courthouse on Ashe Street. I was alarmed, however, to read that unless something is done to save this beautiful, historic, century old building, it will revert to the federal government to be sold at auction. We cannot allow this to happen! You ask, “What should be done with the Ashe Street courthouse?” The short answer is save it! Of course, it will be costly, but there are large numbers of people who would work to save it. There’s too much history that must be preserved.

You also pose, “Can you think of a public use for it,” and I have a suggestion. We are very blessed to have in the Tri-Cities many gifted artists who deserve more recognition, and I think that the courthouse is a perfect place for an art gallery. The exterior of the building looks like a museum. Smaller towns around us have galleries. It would fit well with Founders Park just across the street with its wonderful display of outdoor sculptures, and it would be a great addition to the revitalization of West Walnut Street.

I know Johnson City, Washington County, and ETSU have been working on a way to save the courthouse, but I did not know it was in such imminent danger. We, as lovers of history and art, must stand up and do all we can to save it. Stand up, speak up, and open your wallets! It is always easy to tear something down, but once it is gone, it is lost forever.

Johnson City

Dems need to let it go

In 2016 President Donald Trump rightfully won the election. It is long overdue for the Democrats to get over it!

The country has been through three years of harassment, including Russian investigation, white collar crimes and charges of obstruction. This does not include the harassment of two outstanding Supreme Court judges.

Trump did not create the hatred, poverty, gangs, crimes, frustrations, inequities, ethnic tensions, nor long standing illegal immigration that exists in America. He did not create the Baltimore, Chicago or Los Angeles criminal environments. He did not initiate the possibly criminal activity of Joe Biden. He spoke to another world leader which should never have been "leaked" by some 3rd party person with 3rd party information.

President Trump is guilty for exposing America for what it has been, is and forever will be — a country of deeply divided citizens who work hard to better their lives, and citizens who want the government to provide everything for them so they do not have to work to better their lives.

The Democrats need to stop attempting to create some impeachable offense, just get over it! If they want President Trump out of office, vote him out in 2020. I doubt it will happen, but at least the Democrats would not be again harassing the country until 2020 elections.

Piney Flats

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