Letters: Should Trump be impeached? Part 2

Johnson City Press • Oct 11, 2019 at 6:00 AM

With last Week’s Question of the Week, we asked our readers if they thought President Trump should be impeached. We ran some of the responses Sunday, but we had a lot of interest in the question. Here are a few more.

Consider the evidence

Read the transcript. No mention of withholding aid unless the Biden’s are investigated. The president of Ukraine stated he felt no pressure on the matter during the phone call.

Nadler stated you go after the intelligence community and they will get you back six ways to Sunday. Note that the whistleblower form no longer had the statement about a whistleblower must have firsthand knowledge. Wonder where that went and who changed it?

Where was the outrage when Obama told a Russian delegate to tell Putin he would have more flexibility after the election? Where was the outrage when billions in cash were delivered to Iran circumventing U.S. law? Where was the outrage when Biden’s son got the big job with a corrupt Ukrainian gas company? Where was the outrage when Hunter Biden rode to China on Air Force 2 with Dad and got $1.5 billion from China for his equity company? I blame the Republicans as much or more than the Democrats for not going after those points.

How did the Ukraine get to be so important to the USA in the first place? It started before and after the 2016 election by the Democrats. Read the letter sent to the Ukrainian president demanding they help with Mueller’s investigation of Trump by Democratic Sens. Leahy, Durbin and Menendez. It is public record.

Of course liberal newspapers including this one will never print the above. Buy yourself a T-shirt that says “Impeach the M***F****” for $29 for sale by Democrats. That is protecting the Constitution.

Impeach Congress not Trump, or establish term limits. Ever see a financially poor retired congressman? Let the voters decide in 2020 if Trump should go, not a bunch of elitists protecting their cash cows.


History will judge

Should Trump be impeached? Yes. He is the worst person to ever hold the office. We'll have to wait on history to judge whether or not he has been the worst president ever, but his actions over his relatively short political career, both in word and in deed, have made it abundantly clear that he is the worst person to ever hold the office.

What ramifications will impeachment have for his party? None. People can and will justify anything.

Piney Flats

Resist impeachment attack

This great nation has never seen a more serious attack on its democracy as it is today from the left and far-left Democratic Party. Their unrelenting outright lies, fabrications of untruths, and false innuendos against President Trump are nothing short of treason and tyranny against the nation. Now they have latched onto a second-hand story from someone who hates Trump and are, once again, creating another hoax about what Trump said.

Joe Biden and his son’s quid-pro-quo dealings with Ukraine are well known. Giuliani talked about checking into this a year ago, so it’s old news. Hilliary Clinton, the DNC, the FBI, the Obama administration, who are all part of the D.C. deep state, appear to have, independently or collectively, fabricated and supported a dossier based on lies to try to implicate President Trump in collusion with a foreign power to affect the 2016 election results. The taxpayers spent upward of $40 million chasing nothing. They also apparently placed spies (or as the left likes to call them, informants) into the Trump campaign personnel to dig up dirt on Trump. Talk about evil and underhanded efforts to destroy a candidate!

Hillary lost and Trump won the 2016 election, and the Democrats still cannot come to grips with the results. They cannot control Trump because he owes them nothing and he knows how to fight back against the neverending onslaught of attacks and lies. I wish his fellow conservatives knew how to do the same. The Democrats know they most likely cannot beat Trump at the polls, so their only hope is to destroy his presidency through an attempted impeachment. This country has been through almost three years of this crap from the left. It is time for them to stop crying and do something good, if that is possible.

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