Letters: Should ETSU sell alcohol at sports events?

Johnson City Press • Sep 1, 2019 at 6:00 AM

With Monday’s Question of the Week, we asked whether East Tennessee State University should offer alcoholic drinks at sports events. Here are some of the responses we received from readers.

As long as it’s done safely

Short answer is yes, given standard restrictions like sales stopping end of third quarter at football games, end of the seventh inning at baseball, at the five minutes remaining in basketball, one ID per beer or wine and no more than two at a time (One person can buy for two if both IDs are presented).

It should also be sold at basketball games, and baseball, and definitely at concerts because we miss out on many bigger acts who get a cut in revenue to appear. The new revenue stream will help.

This has been done at other universities around the country without additional problems cropping up. Troublemakers usually show up already intoxicated, already causing a ruckus whether or not alcohol is being sold.

Johnson City

Alcohol raises danger

I am thankful that I was made aware of the controls for alcohol consumption at both ETSU and the University of Tennessee in the article printed today. I vehemently stand against alcohol sales at events of a university. It encourages underage drinking. The increased danger of crime or traffic violations under the influence does not make the benefits outweigh the dangers.

Johnson City

Previously, we asked readers to share their thoughts on a plan presented by the town of Jonesborough to build a new K-8 school for Washington County students. Here is one response to that question.

Need more info on Jonesborough school

I just have a few questions out of curiosity about the plan the town of Jonesborough has put forth for the building of the new school. I do not reside in the city limits but do reside in the county.

The proposed costs are being quoted as between 18 and 32 million dollars. Quite a window don’t you think?

Does the quote include the cost of buying the property?

The proposed lease payment was quoted at a little over two million dollars per year for twenty years. That comes to an amount of something in the neighborhood of forty million dollars. Even at the highest end of the bid that is an eight million dollar ROI. Not bad. Don’t forget the city wants the current school property to generate a tax generating based development. I cannot argue with that one.

County officials say they have ten million dollars in the bank so to speak that would be put toward the lease payments. At an annual payment of two million dollars that comes to five years’ worth of payments.

Where is the other fifteen years of payments going to come from?

What happens then?

Will the County float bonds for the rest or will we see another whopping property tax increase?

Last but not least according to an article in the Press, Jonesborough is having budget problems because of the recent property tax rate adjustment. It would seem that Jonesborough officials would get their own house in order before spending or going in debt to the tune of thirty two million dollars.

Do the folks who live in the neighborhood next to the proposed building site have any say in the matter?

Probably not.


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